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Installing Microsoft Office 2007 is exceptionally easy and you can be using it within about five minutes of starting the installation process. If you entered your 25 Character Product-Key incorrectly then you will see a bold red tick appear. If you have a specific reason for not entering a product key then all you need to do is click Continue. When the Setup Dialog box appears just click Yes and you can then continue the install without a product key. For you to be able to install Microsoft Office 2007 you will have to read and accept the terms of the agreement.
If you agree with the terms then click the box next to I accept the terms of this agreement and then click Continue.
If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement then you cannot install Microsoft Office 2007. You will now have to decide if you want to Install Now or Customize your installation of Microsoft Office 2007.
Click Install Now for the quickest and the most convenient way to install Microsoft Office 2007.

If you want access to free product updates, help and online services then click Go to Office Online. For you to be able to use Microsoft Office 2007 you are required to activate your product, see Product Activation below on how to go about this.
On the Installation Options tab you can see all the applications that are present in the version of Office that you have purchased.
If you want to prevent a particular application from installing, [for example Microsoft Office Excel] click the little black downwards facing arrow.
Within each application there are separate add-ins and you also have the choice to install these or not.
To prevent an add-in of an application from installing click the + symbol next to the application. If you have a specific need to change the location, then click Browse, choose the new location and then click OK.
Note: If you wish to change the installation path after you have installed Microsoft Office 2007 then you will have to reinstall Microsoft Office 2007 to choose the new location. You are not required to enter any information but if you want to then all you need to enter is your Full Name,Initials and your Organization. If you want to check and make any changes then just go back to the Installation Options, File Location and the User Information tab. Once again open any one of Microsoft Office 2007 applications and you should have the activation wizard appear. If want access to free product updates, help and online services then click Go to Office Online.

From experts to learners, all of the people exercise MS office due to the simplicity of its use and large range of its features. This guide will apply to all versions of Microsoft Office 2007 as there is no noticeable difference when installing different versions of Microsoft Office 2007. You should then be able to view all of the add-ins that are associated with that application. If you are happy with any changes you have made then click on the Install Now button which can be found at the bottom on the right on all of the three tabs. If you did not do this when you came to install Microsoft Office 2007 then you must do it now.
Anyone can simply administer  and build documents and files through it such as records, a common information document, tables, presentations and a lot of more. The only expected difference is the applications that you can install and this is dependent on the version of Microsoft Office 2007 you have purchased. All of the updates unconfined for MS office 2007 till February 2009 are included in this version too.
If you decide to customize your install then it couldn't be any easier, the customizations are easy to understand and easily correctable.

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