The developer of the app claims that an upcoming update will make My Camera Roll faster and display photos in a Today view widget in Notification Center. Then selected all pictures in the collection area, and pasted them into the new album – almost as good as new, and no need to look through collections.
DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. As a quick backgrounder, the iPhone 7 should ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of a second speaker and have adjusted antenna bands and a back camera flush with the body. About two-dozen total images are available at the source link so visit to see them all and then come back here and join us in comments.
According to the rumor-mill, Apple will hold a media event next month that will serve as a launchpad for a new four-inch iPhone and a third-generation iPad Air. You do realize there has never been a design overhaul… it has always been small tweaks, lol. Again, there has been no overhaul, the device maintains its form with home button, volume buttons and power. Yes you did, you surely missed the entire point, maybe you should take a course on comprehension Mr.
I’d be extremely disappointed if the 7 was a refresh rather than a complete design change. That duel camera concept looks ugly, and the phone actually looks better with the antenna lines! I always have a thin case on my phone so I don’t even see those lines, and beauty is subjective. Jumping Sumo is a robotic car, which comes with two large wheels, accelerometer, and a gyroscope. There’s a thumb-controlled accelerator to move forwards or backwards and you can tilt the iPad to drive around as well.
We're all going to die, Spurs will never win the league, and Apple will release a new iPhone - some things never change. While Apple has already announced and released the 4in iPhone SE, we expect to see its real flagship, the iPhone 7, at a dedicated launch event in September. Where there’s an iPhone 7 though, an iPhone 7 Plus won’t be far behind, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today. The latest rumours point to the iPhone 7 Plus having an all-chocolate build, with different colour options available in the form of sprinkles. Rumours of Apple ditching the headphone jack for the standard Lightning port have been flying around for quite some time, and this latest leak all but confirms it. We expect the move will cause plenty of heated debates come the weeks and months following the launch, with many Apple customers complaining about having to buy adapters or new Lightning-compatible headphones for their new handsets. The other major change is the presence of three circular cutouts on the rear of the iPhone 7 Plus, which resemble the Smart Connector found on the iPad Pro. This opens up the possibility of modular accessories, putting the iPhone 7 Plus in direct competition with the likes of the LG G5. The rear of the device also looks cleaner, with the antenna bands moved to the top, bottom and sides. More images (above) obtained by French rumour site clearly show what appears to be the iPhone 7 Plus, with the Smart Connector port clearly visible. Assuming the recent leaks and rumours are correct, the iPhone 7 Plus will be landing with a dual-lens camera setup. Apple could go the LG G5 route, providing one regular and one ultra wide angle lens for cramming in landscape shots, as well as capturing large groups of people without slicing anyone’s head in half. The other option is the Huawei P9 approach, which uses one colour and one purely black and white sensor. Thirdly, we could see some form of optical zoom technology, which would produce clear shots when zoomed in, unlike the horrible noise and grain provided by current digital zoom tech. If Apple’s made some major improvements,as the leaks suggest, then we can’t wait to try new snapper in person come launch day.
However, we expect Apple to stick to its guns, by using essentially the same exact screen used in the current iPhone 6s Plus. There have been a few whispers suggesting that Apple will be switching over to OLED screens for future iPhones, which would put them on par with the rich blacks and vibrant colours offered by the Samsung Galaxy S7 - but we don’t expect this switch to be made with the upcoming 2016 generation of iPhones. The processor we’re more than likely to see is Apple’s own A10 offering, although there’s very little actual information on its capabilities at this stage.

Apple revealed iOS 10 at WWDC 2016, saying it would be available to all in the autumn, and you can find out all the ways it's going to change the iPhone experience in our round-up here. The iPhone 7 Plus should roughly be priced at around the same ?620 price point as the existing base model iPhone 6s Plus (if not a little cheaper), but that price could still fluctuate either way.
As usual, we expect Apple to reveal the new iPhones in the second week of September, with an actual release date set for around two weeks after. The rear of the case also has a larger cutout for the camera, indicating that the iPhone 7 will indeed come with a dual-camera solution.
Otherwise, the form factor of the case closely matches that of the iPhone 6s, which makes me doubt its authenticity. Rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 indicate that the handset will feature a waterproof design, ditch the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of a slimmer design, a sleeker lightning port, and a dual-camera setup at the rear.
Did you love the iPhone 5s and rue the day Apple switched from crisp edges to comely curves on the iPhone 6? There's plenty of discussion around whether that's laziness or clever homage; frankly, I think Apple took a more pragmatic view, and decided that if it could avoid the expense of re-tooling for a whole new chassis, then that sounded like something which would keep the margins healthy and the accountants happy.
The latter is a minor change, admittedly, but it does make the handset look different, particularly if you opt for one of the lighter colors like the new rose gold finish of my review unit. The result has been a large cohort of iPhone users who simply haven't upgraded since the iPhone 5s came out, because then they'd have to settle for a bigger device. It'll also capture Live Photos - Apple's combination of a 12-megapixel still and a little video from either side of it - and 4K video.
In fact, the only photography fans who should be disappointed are those who primarily take selfies, because the iPhone SE didn't inherit the improved front-facing camera of the 6S. When we're used to fireworks from a company like Apple, it's easy to feel underwhelmed when they make a sensible product instead. That leaves the iPhone 7 launch later in the year as the Next Big Thing, but it also fills in a gap not only in Apple's range but in the smartphone segment in general.
For those reasons, it's the smartphone to have if you're not wowed by phablet-scale screens, not to mention a good reason - finally!
Simply download the app from the App Store and you can easily view all of your photos and videos on your device from one single convenient location. It was recently reported that Apple has added the Camera Roll back to the Photos app on iOS 8.1 beta, which is currently in testing by developers and should be released in the coming weeks. Tentatively dubbed ‘iPhone 5se,’ the phone is expected to utilize a revised iPhone 5s design, but include the latest hardware features such as Apple Pay, Touch ID, better cameras and Apple’s speedy A9 processor, among other features.
I think apple should do a full redesign, minor design change may only result to lukewarm or not so stellar sales.
I’m not saying the lines look nice but in comparison to the concept image the current antenna lines look beautiful! They become particularly useful as a protective barrier around the rotors, allowing the drone to bounce around without getting destroyed. The device communicates with the iPhone or iPad over dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and expected to give the toy a 160-foot range and 20 minutes of battery life. Obviously, we can expect to see an all-metal build, similar in design to that of the existing iPhone 6s Plus, so don’t expect any wacky triangle or pentagram shapes come launch day. The black and white sensor is able to absorb more light, before converging with information taken from the regular colour sensor.
The iPhone 6s Plus already takes fantastic photos thanks to its sensor and optical image stabilisation, and past iPhones have always produced top notch images. The iPhone 6s Plus’ 5.5in 1080p display bests its iPhone 6s brother, but it would still be nice to see a higher resolution, as long as battery life isn’t sacrificed. Its 401 ppi count by no means feels low res, and if the handset itself will be even thinner, the battery size is likely to take a hit, putting a 2K resolution lower on our list of priorities. It’s the one thing that’s practically guaranteed come launch day, and if we don’t see a chart or graph showing off XX% increases in speed and graphics power, we’ll eat our smartphones. One rumour, courtesy of Cult of Mac, states that the A10 will feature a big jump up to six cores, which, while feasible, would be a large step up over the current dual-core architecture we’ve seen from the company so far.
The authenticity of the case cannot be verified, but if its design is anything to go by, the iPhone 7 will feature bottom facing stereo speakers.
While Apple may have already finalised the design of the iPhone 7 in its labs, it is unlikely that it will share them so soon with case makers and its assembly partners. Recent rumors also claim that the handset will feature the same dimensions as the iPhone 6s and will be around 1mm thinner.

You'll probably approve of the iPhone SE, then, which goes excavating in the graveyard of Apple's design labs and comes up with a barely-changed riff on the classic. The Apple logo on the back is now a sliver of stainless steel, inset into the phone just as it is on the iPhone 6S.
Squeezed inside the retro casing are most of the guts of the current iPhone, and it's that which makes it so special.
Small screens most often come with mediocre specifications: slower processors, lower-resolution cameras, and the like. On top of that, there are those who would like a more affordable option than the iPhone 6S, but who don't want to buy old hardware in the process. Cupertino's engineers say it's twice as potent as the iPhone 5s was, with three-times the graphical abilities, in fact.
You might not remember how the iPhone 5s felt in everyday use, particularly how sluggish it can be in multitasking and more system-intensive apps when running the latest version of iOS 9, but the difference is night and day. In portrait orientation, the keys now feel tiny; in landscape, there's so little of the display left for app once the keyboard has taken its share, it's almost comical. Apple omitted 3D Touch - where the screen can track not only where you tap, but how hard you press - which means no fancy shortcut gestures.
It's an excellent everyday camera and, while I might be tempted to hand the mobile photography crown to Samsung's Galaxy S7 these days, I'm not sure you'll do better than the SE for the money.
If you're excited about the latter, mind, the $399 iPhone SE isn't for you, since 16GB of storage won't go far when we're talking about Ultra HD video. Without Apple's Smart Battery Case, in fact, I can pretty much be guaranteed to need to recharge around mid-afternoon on the average day.
Admittedly, I found I was using the smaller handset less frequently for web browsing than I would its larger brethren, but there's something to be said for still having double-digits on your power gage when you plug in before bed. The iPhone SE arrived with familiarity rather than the usual hyperbole, and the phone itself is more remix than it is revolution. There are people who want compactness without compromised specifications, and the iPhone SE ticks the right boxes with its great camera, capable processor, and solid - even if unsurprising - style. Look at 6s, cook even mentioned that they might experience for the first time in iPhone history a decline in iphone sales for the next quarter. It may sound complicated, but the computer on board the drone makes it very difficult to spin out of control, and at any time you can release both thumbs and the drone will instantly return to a stable hover. A quick down swipe with your right thumb will make it immediately turn 180 degrees, and left and right swipes will create a quick 90-degree turn.
The second speaker is located at the place where the 3.5mm audio jack is located on the iPhone 6s. Where the chamfered edges on the iPhone 5s were mirror-finish, they're body-colored on the iPhone SE. For many, that's fine: they want a hefty, phablet-scale display for multimedia, games, or browsing the web. Samsung, Sony, HTC, and others have dipped their respective toes into the possibility of a small, high-spec smartphone, but while the names generally ape those of the true flagships, there's usually some compromise along the way. Modern webpages demand copious scrolling; in fact, get used to just scrolling all of the time, given how few emails, messages, photos, and anything else can fit on-screen at any one time. Just don't be surprised if the iPhone 7 leaves you looking enviously at those more comfortable with bigger displays. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. It’s so stable, in fact, that we were able to bounce off of walls and hit it in air without knocking it out of the skies. Lastly, there’s a number of preset performances, like a high-speed pirouette that turns the video feed into an unintelligible blur.
At the end of the day, the OS is what you interact with the most so I think everything they can do to make that the best is the strategy they should use.

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