So, I thought it would be nice to cover the different kinds of computer storage devices that are available as well.
Knowing what kinds of storage devices are available can keep you from using up too much space on your computer’s hard drive.
Floppy Disk – They are plastic square disks, usually with a silver or black sliding piece going across the top. Removable Hard Drive – This is a disk drive in which a plastic or metal case surrounds the hard drive.
Internet Hard Drive – This one is a service on the Internet that provides storage space to computer users.
Flash Drive – This a storage device that comes in many colors and has a stick shape to it. PC Card – This is a thin credit card size device that fits into a PC card slot, usually on a notebook computer. Storage Tape – This one is a magnetically coated ribbon of plastic, capable of storing large amounts of data at a very low cost. Miniature Mobile Storage Media – This is used mostly with handheld computers and digital cameras. Memory Stick – This is a rectangular shaped disk that is used mostly with digital cameras and notebook computers.
Micro Drive – This is a square disk that has 1 GB of space and is used with digital cameras and handheld computers.
Smart Media Disc – This is a square disk that has 2 MB to about 128 MB of space on it.
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Printers translate information that has been processed by the system unit and present information on paper.Printer output is often called hard copy. Audio output devices translate audio information from the computer into sounds that people can understand. The Parts of A Computer CPU (Central Processing Unit) The brains of the computer housed on a tiny silicon chip inside the computer case.

Software The intangible set of instructions that tells the computer what to do; known as programs or software programs. Types of Software Operating System Software Sets the rules for how computer hardware and application software work together, controls the operation of the computer.
Operating System Software Tasks Boots (starts up) the computer Formats disks Creates folders Saves and retrieves files Moves and copies files Every Computer Has Operating System Software! Input, Output, & Storage Devices Input device: hardware that allows you to communicate with your computer. They can also help keep your computer’s hard drive from crashing, along with keeping it running at top speed. The only difference is that you can write on this disc and erase it as many times as you want. This service offers about 25 MB of space, but it could be more, depending on the service type. They are very small in size, but they can hold anywhere between 256 MB and 3 GB of material on them. Many of these deals are exclusively for our Daily Deals newsletter subscribers and can't be found with our regular specials. An electronic device that receives data, processes data, stores data, and produces a result (output).
Magnetic platter that holds a large amount of information in a form the computer can understand.
Example: Windows Application Software Lets you accomplish specific tasks based on your needs. INPUT – when information is entered into the computer; the computer receives information PROCESSING – when the computer processes the information that has bee n entered OUTPUT – when information leaves the computer STORAGE – when information is stored to be used later.
Older computers used tape and tape drives, but even today, some people still back their systems up with storage tape. So, the next time you want to save something that takes up a large amount of space on your hard drive, think twice about it and consider using one of these storage devices instead. Plus, if you decided you don't like our newsletters (don't worry, you'll love them), unsubscribing is fast and easy.
The output often referred as soft cop, monitors vary types, sizes and specs, The most important element of a monitor is its clarity.
Almost all have some basic features and they are: resolution, color capability, speed, memory, and duplex printing.

Audio output devices are used to play music, vocalized translations from one language to another, and communicate information from the computer system to users. An electronic device that receives data, processes data, stores data, and produces a result (output) Classified.
An electronic device that receives, processes, and store data, and produces a result (output). One of these devices could save you a lot of space on your hard drive and keep your system running at its best! Common combination devices include fax machines, multifunctional devices, and internet phones. An external tape drive can be purchased separately as well, but those are even harder to find.
Input devices are hardware used to translate words, sounds,images, and actions into form that humans can understand.
Other monitor features are resolution, dot(pixel pitch), refresh rate and aspect ratio, although there are all very important features when it comes selecting a monitor, refresh rate is the most important in my opinion. Digital music players, also known as digital media players, are specialized devices for storing, transferring, and playing audio files. They include keyboards, mouses,printers, monitors etc.Keyboards are the most common way to put input. These printers include dot matrix printers, thermal printers, plotters, photo printers, and portable printers. Multifunctional devices (MFD) typically combine the capabilities of a scanner, printer, fax, and copying machines. Keyboards converts letters, numbers, and special characters that people understand into electrical signals. Multifunctional devices are widely used in home and small business offices.Internet telephones are specialized input and output devices for receiving and sending voice communication. These devices will only get better and help us accomplish many things better and  more efficiently. Some other pointing devices other than mouse are touch screens, joystick,stylus and trackball,but mouse is the most commonly used pointing device.

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