FLORAFELT living wall vertical garden planters are watered from the top and the synthetic felt wicks water to the plants. Buy new plants or condense your existing plant collection into a single self-watering system. 13,000 BTUs of cooling power and digital controls empower this LG Electronics 13,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote in Metallic Silver to help keep your living space comfortably chilled on those hot summer days. First of all, you are not supposed to use an extension cord so the disclaimer is, do so at your own risk.
This patented hybrid-hydroponic growing system lets plants thrive because their roots grow into the moisture in the felt.

A mild plant food is added to the water to create a hydroponic living wall system that alows the plants to continue to grow into the felt. The innovative design routes water to the central layer and protects walls from moisture and keeps the front dry.
I installed a 3 foot 12 gauge cord with it's own circuit breaker at the wall plug (with nothing else plugged into it) and used a 6 ft 12 gauge cord between the 3 foot cord and the air conditioner and secured the plugs with electrical tape.
It would probably be best to use one cord of the appropriate length rather than two but I read that the longer the cord the more voltage drop which can damage the AC. Casters are included for portability between venues while the included window installation kit makes external venting easy.

Don't coil the plugs or wrap them around themselves, which is another reason for getting the shortest setup possible. I'm not sure but I don't believe HD carries the 3', 12 gauge cord anymore.I haven't had any problems with the air conditioner and the plugs are all as cool as can be. I feel OK knowing that the on-board circuit breaker would kick off the plug if it overheated.

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