AssistiveTouch is one of the accessibility features built into iOS that makes the devices easier to use for people who have difficulty performing certain gestures. AssistiveTouch allows you to adjust the volume, rotate the screen and simulate shaking the device with a tap. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
I have just returned from the US where I kept roaming switched off on my iPhone 4 and just used hotel and other public wi-fi services. January 1, 2013 by Cathy Stucker 2 Comments The iPhone has a lot of uses beyond texting and playing Words with Friends.
And if you don’t have an iPhone yet, maybe this article will give you the rationalization  excuses  solid reasons you need to buy one!
Having a to-do list frees your mind from trying to remember what you have to do so you can actually do it. There are several project management applications that can help you keep all of your communications and files in one secure location. Skype, Fusebox, FaceTime and WebEx Meetings are applications you can use to meet with clients wherever you (and they) are.
There are apps to connect you with the major social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many others. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking you can create content by dictating to your phone and email the documents to yourself. Applications like OneNote and Evernote help you organize your research and take notes on your abundant business ideas. Are you using your iPhone as effectively as you could be to get the best results for your business? I do not yet have an iPhone, (sigh…) but I do know many individuals who would never think of going anywhere with out theirs! Get useful tips and techniques to build your business, plus member-only exclusives such as free webinars, as an IdeaLady Insider. Starting May 1, the App Store will no longer accept new apps or app updates that access UDIDs. In a somewhat oblique side effect, the new screen size requirements also mean that any new updates to apps or new apps will no longer be able to support iOS 4.2 devices, as they’ll have to be built against the iOS 6 SDK, which contains features incompatible with older versions of Apple’s software (outside of some hacky methods). Apple has been warning developers for some time to stop using a device’s Unique Device ID to track it for advertising, upgrade or any other purpose. This makes it harder on developers, but easier on consumers looking to limit how much information they share about their habits. The group claimed to have retrieved them from the laptop of an FBI agent but the agency denied the claims. The true origin was revealed when Paul Dehart, CEO of Blue Toad, came forward and said that the UDIDs came from the company’s servers.
VSCO Cam not only gives you better camera control by allowing you to lock focus, it also lets you edit your photos in the same app, and then share them, from that same app. The thing I love so much about VSCO Cam is that is gracefully balances what we want and need to quickly edit with ease of use. VSCO Cam lets you edit basic elements such as the temperature, exposure, contrast, cropping, and rotating natively. VSCO is also rolling out a new feature they call Grid that will allow you to display your photos. If you're looking for a photo editing app that's more advanced than Instagram but not quite as complicated as KitCam, VSCO Cam is for you. I thought I might see a review of this software from you after seeing a bunch of #VSCOcam hashtags. Wondering if y'all can get Leanna to chime in on this one--no disrespect to Allyson, but we have a baseline established regarding Leanna's opinion on photo apps etc.
Apple in China has posted instructions on how to tell an official power adapter from a fake one, after a number of iPhone owners claim to have been electrocuted by their handsets. An Apple spokesman said: 'It was with great sadness we learned through press reports that a Beijing customer was injured while using a "knock off" or counterfeit charger and we are looking into this further.
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Indeed, in app categories ranging from weather to sports, iOS owners reported more frequent usage, according to a survey by Forrester (via TechCrunch) of U.S.

Okay, so maybe iOS owners are more antsy about the weather, or maps or music – there must be some sign that Android owners are leading smartphone usage, right?
In a survey of European iPhone and Android owners, the research firm found both groups like to browse the internet, text, use apps, search and social network. More than 90 percent of iPhone owners told the researchers they browsed the internet at least once a week. For Apple iPhone owners: 90 percent said they messaged at least once in the past week, versus 83 percent of Android owners. The real impact could come for number of people doing thing, for example if 10% iphone user are doing something android user are not that would mean 1400 more people. This translated to the world could be some staggering numeric differences and the diference between selling 1m phones and 1.5 m phones. Well we already know users of iOS devices browse the web more than users of other devices so regardless of these numbers that’s got to count for something hasn’t it?
LOL FACT IS IPHONE IS STILL THE MOST DESIRED LPHONE AMONG HUMANS YOIU CAN GET AS MAD AS YOU WANT BUT MOST HUMANS WANT IPHONES .. There must be an unprovable and very far fetched excuse that android has 80% marketshare and iOS only has 14%. Although, Apple may have not intended AssistiveTouch as an alternative for defective buttons, it will allow users to make do until the device can be repaired or replaced.
There are lots of ways to put your to-do list on your iPhone, but one easy way is with Remember the Milk. OmniFocus, Teambox, and Podio are just three of the dozens of top-rated project management tools. You can easily hold a face-to-face meeting with clients and prospects so you can do business with people anywhere in your town or around the world—anywhere there is a WiFi or cell connection.
Snap a picture of your event, add a short comment and upload it to your fans and followers. Use Dropbox, a free cloud storage and file sharing application, to send the documents to your other devices and computers or to collaborate with others.
Or record a quick voice memo to remind yourself of the great idea you do not want to forget.
Thank you for sharing these tips of what you can actually use your iPhone for, (beyond the obvious, texting ?? I am still a bit behind the times, I’m afraid. As of May 1st, Apple will no longer accept new apps that use the Universal Device Identifier. For whatever reason, Apple has had a hard time convincing some developers to update their apps to support the iPhone 5’s display. The use of UDIDs had been very prominent with ad networks, though there are definitely some legitimate non-ad uses of these identifiers. It’s a number that was unique but not tied specifically to a piece of hardware, and one that could be changed when reset. It also likely fulfills a promise that Apple made to a Senate subcommittee that it was going to make privacy issues more transparent for its users in the future. When the hack went down, we provided a custom-made tool that allowed you to check (in a secure page and without retaining any numbers in our records) whether or not your UDID was in the list of compromised records released by AntiSec.
The company, which makes software for publishers, was obviously one who had been using it to track advertising and other habits. Every once in a while one comes a long that really sets the bar and that's exactly what VSCO Cam for iPhone does. Sometimes when we take photos, we forget how many extra steps you've got to take to get it to where you need it to be. When I'm out and about, I don't necessarily want to spend twenty minutes trying to learn how to use an app or applying filter upon filter before finally exporting to my camera roll and sharing to whatever social services I'd like from there. I haven't been able to get in just yet but if any of you have experiences with VSCO Grid, be sure to let us know how it is in the comments below.
It's a perfect balance of function and speed that allows you to share your photos quickly and with less fuss than other comparable photo editing apps.
I've been looking for a camera app, but like many others I just default to using the native app. The page shows images of chargers for each Apple device, including the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2, with the safety notices underneath. Both in apps and overall smartphone usage, iPhone owners rank higher than owners of Android handsets.

The disparity reappears when it comes to app usage: 89 percent versus 76 percent, according to Forrester. As anyone knows, you can lead a smartphone owner to apps, but you can’t make him (or her) use them.
And as we are looking into percentages the actual number of Androids and iPhones in the market is not important.
The virtual Home button recognizes double taps and when you hold down on the button, just like the actual Home button. I use the Square reader and app, but there are similar programs available through PayPal, Intuit and others. This free iPhone app syncs with their other apps so you can use it from your phone, computer, iPad, etc. Or use time while you are waiting for something to update your status or tweet out some words of wisdom.
I am at home most of the time, so I still use our land-line home phone mostly, except for when I need to text my husband, at work etc. In addition, all apps must be compatible with Apple’s Retina displays and iPhone apps must support the 4? iPhone 5 display, or they’re no go. While most marquee apps have been updated, there are still a few on my device that are not updated. Some advertisers still feel that this is a poor option, but Apple now allows users to limit ad tracking with a toggle in the Settings app. The issues surrounding UDID exposure and tracking came to a head late in the year when a database containing 1 million of these numbers was exposed by the AntiSec hacking group.
Not only does it have lots of features including filters and adjustments, it allows you to share photos with many different social sharing service in a single tap. I just want to share my memories as quickly as possible and tinker later if I feel the urge. If the ones that come for free aren't enough, you can also buy packs or individual filters that will be added to your library. The recent electrocutions took place in the Chinese cities of Beijing and Xinjian, putting one man into a coma and killing another woman. Earlier this week a Chinese man reportedly fell into a coma after suffering an electric shock as he plugged in his iPhone 4 in to charge.'He shouted 'electric shock' and then fell to the floor,' Wu's sister told Xinhua news agency, adding that she felt a slight shock herself when she tried to unplug the faulty charger, which she said was not official Apple hardware. Weather is the most popular app category among both platforms, yet more iOS owners said they checked the weather more often, 71 percent to 65 percent. The percemtage difference isn’t that huge in each category not to mention that the Android sample has more than 2000 more people in it than the iOS sample so the ACTUAL numbers in each catergory are probably quite close to each other. If you have an iPhone, the ideas and apps described in this article may help you to use it to work more effectively, make better use of down time (such as waiting time) and make your business more successful.
Being able to accept credit cards on the spot makes it easier for customers to buy from you, and not having to invoice and wait for payment means that you get your money faster. It will send you text or email reminders, and syncs with other systems such as Google Calendar. However, unlike many online project management services you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to use them. Now, if they want to fix any bugs or add any new features, they’ll also have to be iPhone 5-ready. At the time, we mentioned that if Apple was banning developers for using them, then it needed to provide a good alternative. Once you're done, you can instantly upload your photo to the social network of your choice including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, and via email.
I may have to give this one a go (the price is right) to see if this app can make up for my artistic shortcomings.
But the base OS was never designed around the user centric design required to handle touch in high frame rate real time.

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