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By going through these tutorials we will be able to focus purely on changing the setting to best fit your photography needs for each picture you take.
There won't be any clear edge for the AF system to find.In these situations, the lens will focus back and forth, hunting for something to lock onto. If there's anything in front of the subject, such as a window or the bars of a cage, chances are the camera will focus on that instead.Moving subjects can present a significant challenge to an AF system too.

There are some situations where manual focus is the better option, which we'll come onto later. Let's assume you're sticking with autofocus for now, in which case double-check the switch on the lens is set to AF and not MF.Autofocus offers two distinct modes, which you need to set on the camera.
This automatically detects whether the subject is stationary or moving, and switches the autofocus accordingly. The way in which you access AF Area mode varies between camera models, but the options available are largely the same.You can select either a single AF point or a cluster of AF points, or make all of the AF points active. Look through the viewfinder as you make adjustments, and you'll see the AF point configurations being highlighted as you go through the options.How many AF points should I use?It depends on what you're shooting.

If you activate all the AF points, then the camera will automatically select which one(s) it will use to focus once you activate the AF system.Although it's likely to pick out your chosen subject if it's large enough in the frame, you have no control over what the camera determines should be in focus. There's a chance that it could lock onto something in the foreground or background, or an incorrect part of the subject, such as the tip of a portrait-sitter's nose rather than their eyes.However, this mode excels when you're photographing active subjects against a clean background, such as a bird flying across a blue sky.
For example, by autofocusing on a spot on a racetrack and then switching the lens to MF, you can take a sequence of photos of cars passing that spot, safe in the knowledge that the AF system won't refocus the lens elsewhere.Manual focusing is also the only option when the camera can't lock on.

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