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Using a DSLR camera for the first time requires the photographer to think about a lot of things that they maybe can ignore with a simple point and shoot camera. February 7, 2011 by Mark If 2011 is the year that you have vowed to take more photographs, you’re in for a treat.
This camera won the 2010 TIPA award in the category of “Best Compact Camera” and has had mostly excellent reviews from everyone who has used it. Probably the most attractive features the camera has are its HD movie recording ability, built in GPS and also a sweep panorama mode. This digital SLR camera from Nikon is one of the best in its class at the moment, which is why it won the TIPA award for the Best D-SLR Professional category. The picture quality boasts 12MP with 720p HD recording, so the quality of your snap shots should be of an excellent standard.
One standout feature which may seem relatively simple is the battery life; the Nikon D300 can take up to 4300 images off one battery charge, meaning that professionals can have peace of mind while out and about with their camera.
For those who take photos while being active, this camera’s best shot function makes it easier to get the best photograph with the least effort.
The Canon EOD 600D is the follow up to the EOS 550D which Canon has claimed with blow its predecessor out of the water.
One of the main differences from the last model is the new LCD rotatable screen which has been given to this lower priced model as opposed to only featuring on the higher spec ranges. Another Canon camera to be released in early 2011 is the more compact and arguably more mainstream SX230 & SX220 HS.
Both models feature optical image stabilization with a 14x optical zoom and both have the capability to record film in Full HD at 1080p. Top 5 Car Multimedia SystemsJune 18, 2014 By Mark The car multimedia system has come a long way over the years.

The Alcatel Y800 is a mobile wifi device that operates as a mobile router and works on the same principles as a mobile phone but more of that later. Courtesy of Argos, one lucky person will be able to enjoy the benefits of what these little slabs have to offer. Use these tips for using a DSLR camera for the first time, and you’ll hopefully have a successful photographic experience. When holding the DSLR camera, you’ll want your right hand around the handgrip, leaving your right index finger near the shutter button.
Most entry-level DSLR cameras include a fully automatic mode, making the DSLR work as easily as a simple point and shoot camera. To simplify the shooting for those using a DSLR camera for the first time, set the camera to single-shot mode and use a “one shot” autofocus point. A higher ISO allows you to shoot in lower light, but it will introduce more stray pixels (or noise) into the photo. Finally, before shooting, run through a mental checklist of items that can cause problems with your DSLR photos.
2010 saw some fantastic digital cameras and SLR cameras releases and 2011 looks to be no different.
Because this is very compact yet excellent quality, this is the perfect camera to take on holiday or use while you’re on the go.
Not only is this camera shock resistant, dustproof, waterproof and freeze proof, but it also takes 12MP pictures. This camera takes features from the less and more expensive models to create a sort of hybrid, so is perfect if you want a quality camera for a lower price. Both models have 14MP resolution which is said to be able to reduce the graininess of photographs taken in low light. The SX230 HS has a GPS receiver built in which makes it a fantastic camera to take on holiday or use it for sightseeing.

A decade ago a simple GPS was considered a luxury, but now they’re a standard feature on almost every vehicle and smartphone. However, I was interested to see if it would be a suitable alternative to my home broadband. Rest the camera body and lens in the palm of your left hand, lightly gripping the lens between your left fingers and thumb. Then, as with a point and shoot camera, you can press the shutter halfway down to prefocus on the center of the image. Try to keep the ISO setting as low as possible, with an ISO 100 setting achieving the best results in terms of eliminating noise. Make sure your lens is attached properly to the DSLR camera body, and, if you’re going to use manual focus, figure out how the lens’ focus ring works before you need to shoot a photo. The cameras listed below look at some cameras that are winners in the TIPA awards and won’t disappoint you the next time you dabble in a spot of photography. When asked, a majority of workers said that they don’t need to be at the office to be productive. If you are struggling with exposure settings for your DSLR, adjusting the ISO might be the fastest and easiest way to improve your exposure results. In fact, today’s employees want the option of working wherever and whenever they want using whatever device they prefer. Because of all of the extra features and accessories that are available with a DSLR camera, it’s important for you to run through a checklist of potential problems the first dozen or so times you use the DSLR camera. Eventually you’ll have the checklist committed to memory, and it will become just part of using your DSLR.

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