The following tests compare the performance of 32 high-speed SD cards in the Canon 6D and reveal the fastest card for this camera. The most direct speed comparison uses write speed, a measurement of the rate the camera writes pictures to the card. The camera is placed on a tripod and aimed at a detailed test scene with controlled lighting.
The Canon 6D burst shooting test measures the number of images taken in 30 seconds using three different image settings: RAW+JPEG, RAW, and JPEG. The number of shots and frames per second in continuous shooting depend on camera settings as well as the scene. Many SD cards claim a high transfer rate, but they are often only quoted with a read speed; the write speed may be significantly lower. The largest difference between cards is observed after the buffer has filled, at which point further shooting is limited by the write speed of the memory card.
More detailed scenes create larger files and reduce the number of frames and frame rate in an extended burst shooting test.

Both the 64GB and 32GB cards tested provided the top write speed and greatest number of shots in 30 seconds. You can use these free cliparts for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.Don't forget to link to this page for attribution! Furthermore, write speed may be limited by the device or camera in which it is used, as is the case with the Canon 6D.
It must be emphasized that the image subject affects the number of images that can be taken.
One interesting observation is the fastest 11 SD cards in this test were all SanDisk and Kingston.
Using our detailed test scene, the 6D could manage 7 frames RAW+JPEG, 13-15 RAW and 23-58 shots JPEG before the frame rate slowed. The attachable close-up lens allows you to shoot from a distance up to 35cm away, creating enlarged images. How the write speed impacts actual performance is shown in the continuous shooting test, a measurement of how many shots can be taken in 30 seconds using three different image settings.

Detailed subjects create large file sizes, which take longer to write and decrease the number of images that can be taken in a given time interval compared with simple subjects. Faster cards were able to clear the buffer faster allowing more shots at full frame rate before the buffer reached its threshold. With a high-quality Fujinon lens in combination with the INSTAX Mini Film, superior images are just an instant away. A detailed performance analysis explains some details found during testing and recommended SD cards for the 6D are provided based on the test results. The test is optimized to show the difference in write speed between cards, rather than an optimistic value provided by a more simple image subject.

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