Grab Magic Wand Tool (W), set Tolerance to 5 and delete blue background (select areas and hit Delete). I have to say, that figuring how Gisele Bundchen Dons Water Dress was made was verry productive for me. I think this is a great tutorial which has huge potential and with enough imagination can be used in creating amazing pictures..
You can easily modify these images in Adobe Photoshop and have a creative new brand for your project. Using Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) cut this part, and using Free Transform (Ctrl+T) place it like on image bellow.

Now use Filter > Liquify (Shift+Ctrl+X) to make this splash to look more natural as a dress. Note: I like to add an additional layer above the body and use the Brush tool to paint in a small shadow around the neck. Separate her from image using any method You want (I used Pent Tool (P) for contours, and Filter > Extract (Alt+Ctrl+X) for hairs) and place her on our document (Image bellow Is resized and I don't recommend to use it for further work - it's only example how it should to look).
Reveal effects for this layer, click right mouse button on Gradient Overlay and select Create Layer. Now holding Alt key click between Layer 1 and Layer 1's Gradient Fill (cursor will change to padlock).

If You can get good quality water images You can make better dress than I've done (by the way - I wish You do something better).

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