I typically fall into the latter category and shoot outdoors sans assistance, strobes, or reflectors. Just a moment later, I reshot the scene using a large white reflector to bounce the sunlight behind them back onto their faces. Even if you’re a diehard natural light shooter like me, it’s worth taking the time to organically enhance existing light. Rachel Durik, owner of Savor Photography and member of our I Heart Faces Creative Team, is sharing a fantastic tutorial series that teaches various lighting tips to improve photography.
One of the best benefits to using a reflector is the beautiful catchlights they can create in the eyes of your subject. Reflectors are nice to use in backlit situations so that you’re adding light to the front of the subject.
If you have a photo reflector, you will usually have a white, silver, and sometimes even a gold side. I try to wear white when I’m photographing portraits – it turns me into a human reflector! Terms & Conditions •• All photographers submitting the I Heart Faces Photo Challenges, grant the rights to display their photo on this website. I Heart Faces is a photography blog with monthly photo challenges, free photography tips and tutorials. Each month all levels of photographers have the opportunity to submit a face photo into a themed photo challenge. Specializes in fun, natural & modern style high school senior, wedding and portrait photography.
In the shot below, the reflector was used as a hard main light, but there are countless ways in which a reflector can be used as a light source.

We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.
I find it more rewarding to work with shifting sunlight, shadows, and reflections than within a controlled studio environment.
Some photographers will use a standalone portable strobe as fill light or highlight to supplement the sun. But earlier this year while shooting on assignment for Yuri Arcurs in South Africa, I captured some great comparison photos before and after the use of a simple photo reflector.
She works under contract with Stocksy United and Getty Images photographing throughout Europe and Africa for various advertising campaigns. Because the eyes are reflective, they will reflect light, and you’ll be able to see your reflector in the subject’s eyes.
Sand, cement, sidewalks, and white walls can sometimes give the same effect as a reflector. You can learn more by visiting her photography site, Savor Photography, Naples Wedding Photographer, blog, or the Savor Facebook page.
More to the point, don't leave comments about your blog, product or service on our participants websites. As Pye from SLRLounge explains in the following video, you can get professional results using only a $30 reflector and a DSLR with a 50mm prime lens.  Pye shot on a Canon 5D Mark II, but ensures us that great shots can be taken on much cheaper cameras, too.
As the color and quality of natural light changes and the photo shoot progresses the photographer must keep pace with the whims of the sky. These images are such good examples of fundamental light manipulation that I must share them with my fellow natural-light fanatics. It also earned me kudos from Yuri Arcurs himself, along with applause from over a hundred fellow photographers.

If you’re new to using reflectors in your photo shoots, I recommend this reflector on Amazon. Pick one up and experiment with techniques and angles. In the following example, while on-location, but without a reflector, I used a racquetball court as a reflector. Below you will see the results of pushing the boundaries of natural light, while still maintaining authenticity. You can get a proper reflector for photography (here‘s an example of what I have), or you could just as easily use a sheet of white cardboard or even a car sun shade.
The gold and silver sides will give a more harsh lighting, with the gold adding warmer tones.
In the example above, a reflector was used in the left picture, but not in the right picture. If you don’t have an assistant, sometimes I find that even putting the reflector on the ground in front of the subject (out of the frame) can be helpful. Even though it’s the time where the sun light is really harsh but as long as you know how to find the light your pictures will be beautiful. If you’re new to photography and you love taking pictures outdoor here is how I do it.

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