It could be an ideal solution to help you transfer files like photos, movies, books, playlists, etc. Step 1: Install and run the program on the computer, and make sure your iPhone device is connected to the computer and iTunes has been also installed on your PC. Tips: Photos can be viewed in the program according to List or Thumbnail mode, you can select one of them to view the pictures as you like. Absolutely no need to install any other media player to play your media files.  You can simply play or view the media files directly from our program. With this program, you can steer clear of losing your treasured photos and the inconvenience of having to re-purchase or re-convert your music and video collection.
How to save storage space by removing photos from your iphone How to save storage space by removing photos from your iphone save space by turning my photo stream off pictures reload now that your iphone How to save storage space by removing photos from your iphone. Did you know that indian marriage invitation quotes is one of the most popular topics on this category? Do you know aaron rodgers wedding cancelled has become the most popular topics on this category? A few days ago, I heard from one of my co-workers that his new bought Smartphone got stolen.
In many cases that contacts data are stored in SIM card or internal memory by default, there are many reasons causing your contacts loss, such as accidentally deleted, Factory reset, damaged, rooted and failed to upgrade system or Android might be stolen, broken, or lost, and that means all of important contacts will be gone forever.
When your phone was detected by the app, it then starts analyzing the whole file system to scan the contacts and other data stored on the phone. Maybe there are many unwanted contacts info that consume lots of space in your phone's internal storage. Contact backup is just a small portion of the full functions provided by Android Assistant. Actually, you know, iTunes is an one-way tool and it has no ability to help you transfer or move files from the device to computer selectively or in a batch. To know more about the program, you may click on how to transfer music from iPod to computer tutorial.

And he lost all of the important contacts like business partners and existing clients miserably because he has no clue on how to back up the phone.
Download the corresponding file from above link and install the program on your computer after download.
Make sure USB driver is pre-installed to let phone being recognized by the computer and Android Assistant. And the duplicate contacts that may contain the save name, phone number or other info that will appear on your phone. She discovered the fascinating world of Android and constantly share the most practical tips and tricks for Android users. It is no doubt iTunes is a good tool to manage your iPhone contents on the desktop computer, but obviously, it is not a good transfer tool at all! We took this picture from the net we feel would be probably the most representative images for indian marriage invitation quotes. We took this image from the net we think would be one of the most representative images for aaron rodgers wedding cancelled. We had taken this image on the net we feel would be probably the most representative images for favin gebremariam twitter. We all know that Samsung Galaxy phone has been equipping with Android operation system and enough inbuilt storage memory. The main purpose of this app is to help Android owners manage their devices more easily and efficiently.
What's more, it also has a built-in free media converter that automatically transcode the media files to Android friendly file formats. However, iPhone's storage is limited and with time going on, the phone's internal memory will be occupied by more and more pictures, which can lead to mal-function of other applications. User can also directly and conveniently extend its storage capacity by inserting external memory card. There are only a few steps to back up the data to computer including contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos and even apps.

Click OK on your phone's main screen when the program asks you to allow permission to access your phone's file system. If you have a lot of contacts in your Gmail, Facebook or other contacts on your phone, this program can easily help sync to your phone.
Additionally, you are free to send text messages or contacts on the computer which is much more convenient than doing the same task on your phone. And finally you will be required to delete some files to release more free space if you're going to install or receive any new files on your device. It will never damage the data on your iPhone and the exported pictures will be saved in its original quality. Nowadays, there is a very big chance to lose the data on your phone due to phone lost, broken or unexpected operations.
After all, iPhone device is not a storage device, it is impossible for users to save unlimited photos on it. It reminds me badly that data backup is a very crucial task for everyone who has important data stored on the phone, especially business contacts. Now, just get the powerful program and follow the below steps to see how easy the program works. And then there are even more of you who want to know how to avoid it in the first place, the simplest method is to Transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S5 to PC right now.
Thus, in order to free up more space without deleting any photos on your iPhone, you're strongly recommended to copy photos from iPhone to computer for backup.

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