Immediately email or transfer astounding photographs to your informal organizations, right from your Polaroid.
At the same time send each picture you take to your cell telephone by means of Wi-Fi association with make moving down and offering your top notch photographs simple.Presently you can select and send a picture or collection straightforwardly to an Android cell phone, iphone or Tablet with the Samsung Mobile Link.
Regardless of the fact that you’re not primed for your nearby up, you can even now make the ideal interpersonal organization profile picture.
Can you upload the images on the camera directly via Wi-Fi to an online printing service's site?
There is no direct interface between those sites and the camera, though images can be emailed, so this is a possibility. In a split second send quality photographs to informal organizations like Facebook or email them to a little aggregation of individuals specifically from the Polaroid.

Excellence Palette gives you a chance to browse seven diverse cosmetics looks that help you change photographs immediately.Support innovative fun with the Smart Filter 3.0 -right on the presentation! One of its main features is the inclusion of onboard WiFi connectivity, which allows users to access numerous file transfer and social media functions.
The display has a hybrid user interface that allows either the five-way button for menu navigation if you prefer traditional controls or fingers for touch controls. Cartoon channel makes any photograph resemble an enlivened film scene while Cross Filter makes light sources seem to have a few purposes of light, for instance stars. It also has an 18x optical zoom lens with optical image stabilization, and can record 1080p HD video, as well as a 3.0" rear display with touch navigation.
Also, you can store cool pictures and film specifically from the Polaroid to Microsoft Sky drive.

Other features include a sweep panorama mode that stitches images together and some on-board editing techniques that utilize the touch screen. An automatic scene detection function chooses the right settings using face recognition and contrast algorithms.
This camera has a unique form factor that combines a pop-up flash with a small grip on the right side.

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