Just bought new Samsung S3, got rid of apple as i thought samsung was better, however, I now find that the android file transfer does NOT work, and i am so disappointed also kies not working either but i was told that the file transfer would work, which is why i switched from apple to samsung android phone. Also as a SMS transfer for Samsung Galaxy, this app has the ability to send a text message to a list of numbers you have seperately.
On the main interface, you can get your android phone model and brand and below it the main functions will be displayed. If you have stored some contacts in Gmail, Facebook or other accounts on your phone, MobileGo for Android lets you sync these contacts to your phone easily. What a wonderful android manager program for Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Google, etc. With the rapid development of Android phones, many of us are switching from Nokia to the latest Samsung GALAXY S4.
Hi, I’m looking to transfer my contacts, SMS and other important data from my old iPhone 5 to my new Samsung galaxy S5? Select Phone to Phone Transfer and the program will bring you to the phone content transfer window. You need to connect both of your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5 (or any Android, Symbian Nokia or iOS phone) to your computer by using USB cables. Now, compatible data can be transferred on your source iPhone or Nokia or Android phone are listed in the middle, such as contacts, messages, photos, music and videos.
I love iTunes and will never switch, and have an ipod, but I wanted to ONE playlist on my phone Samsung Galaxy S4 in case I get to the gym and forget my music player. If you use iTunes for your music collection, you may want to share your iTunes music with your Samsung Galaxy phone. To start start with transferring music from iTunes to Galaxy S4, let’s download the free trial and follow the steps below. I’m going to straight away clutch your rss after i cannot to discover your own e-mail registration website link or even e-newsletter support. I’m trying to transfer my tracks and contacts from my iTunes on my mac to my samsung galaxy S4 and the following keeps on coming up ?
Well, apart from music files, iTunes use DRM on movies, TV shows, music videos and Audible books. Firstly, download and install this professional iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Converter onto your PC. On the interface, hit on "Add" button and this will lead you to add your iTunes files to the software. Then this article will concentrate on this issue transferring files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to your PC Wirelessly.
MobileGo Android Manager has both Windows and Mac versions and it supports the latest Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean 4.3. If you’re using Windows version of the program, you use Wi-Fi or just plug-in USB cable to connect Galaxy S4 to PC.

Once your Samsung phone connected to PC, the program will automatically detect it and show its main info on the primary interface.
To backup calendar of your Samsung S4, you could use the One-Click Backup function of MobileGo Android Manager.
Aparting from transfer, backup contacts, text messages, calendar, music, videos, and photos from Samsung Galaxy S4 to computer, MobileGo Android Manager also allows importing files from computer to your phone. Well here it comes, MobileGo Android Manager can fully transfer all types of files from Samsung Galaxy S3 to computer for backup, or import contacts, media files (music, videos, pictures) from PC to Galaxy S3 easily with one-click.
When you select a video or song to import, the program will prompt you whether or not you want to quick convert the file to an Android-optimized format (MP4, MP3, etc.). Simply click on SMS in the left colun, then click New and type away in the text field on the bottom right.
Once you install the program, you can follow the instruction on the primary window: Scan the QR code with MobileGo app to get connected, via Wifi.
After connected, the Nokia phone will be showed in the box of a€?Sourcea€? and the Samsung GALAXY S4 will be showed in the box of a€?Destinationa€?.
Hit on a€?Start Copya€? button, all the contacts, text messages, photos and music will be copied from Nokia to Samsung GALAXY S4 directly. The first thing you need to do is to transfer over all your contacts, messages, music and photos over when you get the new Galaxy S5. No matter you’re switching from iPhone to Android Samsung, upgrading HTC to Galaxy S5, with MobileTrans, you only need to connect both of your phones to the computer, select files and transfer. Once being connected, the program will automatically detect the device, and show the main info of your Galaxy S4 on the primary window, as below.
Backup your iTunes library to your computer or external hard drive so you can restore your library anytime you want.
The program is able to remove DRM from movies, TV shows, music videos, music and audio books. After that, click on "Find Target" button and you will find the converted and DRM free files. This program works for all Samsung tablets and phones, including Samsung Galaxy, Samsung GALAXY S II, Samsung Galaxy i7500, Samsung Galaxy S2, and more. Your Media Converter seems fantastic to work with to remove DRM protection and convert files. Being packed with the stunning screen with full HD resolution, super faster processor and a powerful camera, more and more people choosing Samsung Galaxy S4 as their smartphone in hand. Here we need a program called MobileGo Android Manager – an assistant of your Android smartphone or tablet.
To get started with Samsung Galaxy File Transfer, download the free trial of MobileGo for Android and have a try.
You can get this feature in toolkit or Shortcut Tools under the main info of your Samsung Galaxy S phone.

Here you can get what type of files you can transfer, including contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, playlist info, apps, photos, music, videos.
And if you have connected several Android devices, you can transfer media easily from one phone to another. However, it came with a lot of problems when I wanted to transfer the data from Nokia to my new mobile phone. Maybe you have been told to export contacts from iCloud and import to Google contacts, then sync Google contacts with your phone. A perfect solution for those who have a large iTunes library but need to enjoy those music files on an Android phone or tablet. I have a few movies purchased on iTunes and I want to transfer them onto my Galaxy Tab for watching.
Let's put it this way, iTunes movies are DRM protected so that you cannot transfer them onto Samsung Galaxy easily. If the music files are DRM protected, you will have to use DRM Removal Tool to remove and convert them. One of the focusing on Galaxy S4 issues is that how to transfer files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC, like contacts, SMS messages, calendar, photos, music and videos, just as a backup. With it you can transfer everything including contacts, text messages, calendar, photos, music, videos, apps call logs, etc.
When you decide to get the full version, you can scroll down this page and find the discount coupon code to help you save up 50% of your money.
In this guide takes Windows version in steps, and Mac users could take similar steps as Windows version.
For connecting via Wi-Fi, you need to download MobileGo app on your Samsung Galaxy S4 firstly. One click to open the backup window, choose the contents you want to back up, namely, contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, playlist info, apps, photos, music, videos. As to iTunes music, photos and videos on your old iPhone, there’s definitely much work we have to do. Only simple operation you can play iTunes music on Galaxy S4, neither on Windows PC or Apple Mac. Is there specific software I need to use so I can successfully get iTunes stuff on Samsung Galaxy? Then define the destination folder for saving, click Back Up to perform backing up calendar or other files to computer. What we're gonna use is DRM Media Converter which is capable of removing DRM from iTunes and convert these files to a format that can be played on Samsung Galaxy.

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