How transfer music iphone computer ehow, How to transfer music from my iphone to my computer. How transfer photos sim card iphone, Sim cards and iphones aren't directly compatible.
Why won iphone screen turn sideways iphone5, My iphone5 screen in stuck in portrait mode and won t change to landscape when i turn it i already made sure its not locked.
The pop-up still displays even when my PC was already authorised, and de-authorising and authorising it again didn’t work, neither were the solutions online helpful. This entry was posted in Itunes for windows and tagged IPhone, iTunes, Library, Reinstalling, transfer, Windows by admin.
How transfer music pc iphone 4, Well you can use a free iphone transfer to have a try. Posts 2 Posts how can i transfer my text messages from my iPhone 3gs to iPhone 4?
Posts 2,432 Posts Global Posts 2,485 Global Posts Originally Posted by ghostface147 Yeah that didn't happen using the gold master candidate iTunes 9.2, at least not for me.
Getting photos from your iPhone to your PC isn't difficult if you use Apple's iTunes software to make the transfer.
You don't have to use iTunes to transfer photos from your iPhone to your PC -- you can simply grab them using Windows Explorer. Step 3: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your Apple iPhone (if you can't find this, it should be under This PC). Step 4: Transfer your photos from your iPhone to your PC by dragging them onto your desktop. If you have logged into the Google Drive app before, you can find the photo backup settings by going to Settings > Photos and turning on Google Photos folder. If your cloud storage service of choice does not offer automatic photo backup via their app, you may still be able to back up your photos using IFTTT, an automation service that lets you connect apps, web services, and devices together.

If you just have a couple of photos you want to transfer to your computer and you can't seem to find a USB cord, you can use the tried-and-true method of emailing them to yourself. Step 3: Open your email account on your computer and download the photo attachments to your desktop. Just_Me_D Posts 37,162 Posts Global Posts 37,416 Global Posts Re: Why won't my songs transfer from itunes to my iphone? Posts 14,258 Posts Global Posts 18,414 Global Posts Re: Why won't my songs transfer from itunes to my iphone?
Posts 825 Posts Global Posts 831 Global Posts Re: Why won't my songs transfer from itunes to my iphone? Posts 12,021 Posts Global Posts 12,215 Global Posts Re: Why won't my songs transfer from itunes to my iphone? You will see a pop-up message asking if you would like to allow this computer to access your photos and videos. This storage space can be used to back up things like phone settings, contacts, and, of course, photos and videos.
You will need to sign in using your existing Apple ID and password (the same ID and password you use to make purchases from the App Store). If you want all of your photos to be saved and synced to iCloud, turn on iCloud Photo Library. If this is the first time logging into the Dropbox app, you will have the option to Enable Camera Upload on the next screen.
If this is your first time signing into the Google Drive app, you'll have the option to turn on photo and video backup on the next screen. Open the IF app and tap the icon that looks like a bowl in the upper right corner, and then tap the Settings icon in the lower right corner. For example, if you want a recipe that backs up your iOS photos to Box, search for "iOS Photos Box." You'll find lots of recipes created by other members (you can also create your own recipe, if you can't find what you're looking for, but that's a bit more complicated).

In the Mail app, type your email address into the To section and tap Send in the upper right corner. Double-click this icon to open your phone's internal storage, and then double-click the folder called DCIM to see your phone's photos and videos (they may be arranged in various folders).
If you install iCloud's desktop client on your PC, all the photos you take on your iPhone will be automatically uploaded to your PC.
Tap Turn On and choose the size you would like your photos and videos to be uploaded at -- "High Quality" photos will be smaller than the original photos, but they will not count against your Google Drive storage, while "Original" photos will be the original photos, but will count against your Google Drive storage. Box, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, and Seagate Personal Cloud can all be connected. Tap the photos you want to transfer (you can only send five photos at a time via email) to select them, and then tap the upload icon in the lower left corner of the screen. You will need to confirm that you are okay sending the message without a subject, and you will also need to choose what size photos you want to send (small, medium, large, and "actual size").
Allow Google Drive to access your photos, and your photos will automatically be backed up whenever you are connected to Wi-Fi. Once you set up any variables that the recipe uses (for example, naming the folder that your photos will be saved to), your photos will automatically be uploaded to your cloud storage service.
Now, when i am trying to sync it again the process goes through the motion but nothing transfers.
Your photos will be uploaded to your Dropbox folder whenever your phone is connected to Wi-Fi (unless you turn on Use Cellular Data, in which case your photos will be uploaded in real-time). If you do and you tried what was given to you, Call Apple iTunes support and have them help you.

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