If you want to move pictures from computer to your iPhone, a reliable and easily way is necessary.
After downloading and installing the iPhone Manage on your PC, run this app on your pc and use a USB cable to connect iPhone to PC.
This article will show you how to easily transfer your favorite music, photos, podcasts, and videos from iTunes (Mac version) to your Nokia phone. To get started, you need music or videos in your iTunes library, your Nokia phone and a working Internet connection. Click the Nokia Multimedia Transfer icon on the top bar of OS X, and select “Device settings…” Under Device settings, you will find several tabs with settings, but there are just a few you need.
You can choose to transcode (convert) audio files if they are not supported by default on your phone.
In practice, this means that the application will convert your music and podcast files to the best format that the phone can play. You can also choose to resize transferred images, for example to the device screen resolution.
We usually do not use the photo resizing option, because reduced images have lower resolution than their originals and cannot be converted back to their original size with good quality. We also always tick, “Transcode videos not natively supported by device.” In our opinion, this is one of the most useful features. If you have iTunes videos that you want to bring on a trip, this is by far the easiest way to convert and transfer them to your Nokia phone (if you have other video files you want to convert, read our article on converting video for the Nokia N900 using Handbrake).
One way to easily control what is transferred from iTunes is to create a dedicated playlist (File > New Playlist). Click the Nokia Multimedia Transfer icon on the top bar, and select “Device settings…” On the Audio tab, select your new playlist to be included in the transfers.
If you are not connected, the application waits for you to connect a cable, or you can select the option to connect via Bluetooth. The computer then takes care of the whole process for you, including file format conversion if you have specified (see earlier steps above).
In our opinion, the Nokia Multimedia transfer tool makes music, image and video transfer easy if you want to use iTunes for Mac with your Nokia phone.

Om eerlijk te zijn, is iTunes echt een goed hulpmiddel om de iPhone video's en muziek te beheren.
Opmerking: Om TunesGo Retro te gebruiken om je foto's te beheren, moet je eerst iTunes installeren. Klik op foto's aan de linkerkant van het hoofdscherm om de Camera Roll, foto bibliotheek en foto albums te beheren. We waarderen uw privacy en beschermen uw financiele en persoonlijke data met volledige encryptie en geadvanceerde fraude bescherming. Samsung GSM's en tablets zijn een goed alternatief voor iPhone want het offert meer rechten voor de controle van je toestel ten opzichte van Apple. Om gegevens te wisselen van iPhone naar Samsung, moet je ervoor zorgen dat de iPhone aan de linkerkant wordt getoond en de Samsung GSM aan de rechterkant. De Mac versie - Wondershare MobileGo voor Android Pro (Mac) laat je niet toe om Samsung contacten te synchroniseren met Outlook, het beheren van SD kaarten en het converteren van audio en video. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch was the biggest hit this year, with thousands of fans ordering the flagship phone the minute it was launched, depleting shelves within hours. Choose whether you want Perspective Zoom on or off (if you suffer from motion sickness or vertigo, choose off). Now, let's get the help with iPhone Manage tool to transfer photos from your computer to your iPhone in just a few simple steps.
Then the following main interface will appear and the content of your iPhone will be categorized and displayed on the left side column, and you can view the detail of your files in each category on the right side column. Install the tool: unzip the downloaded package, and drop the application into your applications folder (open Finder, and look in the left column for the Applications folder).
Same goes for the Photos tab, where selected images will be transferred from your iPhoto library.
Any necessary format conversions are taken care of by the Nokia Multimedia Transfer application if you configured it as we described earlier. Het laat je iPhone foto's exporteren, importeren, verwijderen en je kunt er nieuwe albums mee aanmaken. Maar de overstappen van iPhone naar Samsung is niet zo eenvoudig omdat je werkt met 2 verschillende platformen.

Wondershare MobileTrans zal hen snel detecteren en zal beide toestellen als hieronder tonen. Ga naar Google Play en download en installeer Samsung Smart Switcha„? op je Samsung Galaxy GSM. Run Samsung Smart Switcha„? en selecteer je iPhone en kies de inhoud die je wil overdragen. Om dit te vergemakkelijken raad ik aan om een krachtig alles-in-een Samsung manager programma te gebruiken.
Je kunt contacten makkelijk synchroniseren met Outlook en computer en voeg dubbele contacten samen.
Het laat je toe om je Samsung SD kaarten makkelijk te beheren door bestanden te slepen naar je Samsung en visa versa. Meanwhile, Apple has created many fresh new wallpapers for iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 (Plus). Let's take the Windows version as an example,Mac version can transfer your data in these similar steps. When you see the file browser window pops up, please choose the photos your want to transfer and then import them to your iPhone. Dit artikel vertelt je hoe je Wondershare TunesGo Retro kunt gebruiken om iPhone foto's te beheren.
If you’re excited about the upcoming software update or the larger smartphones- iPhone 6 Plus, grab the new backgrounds here. Before coping your pictures from PC to iPhone, you can also create a photo album to save these photos.
Als je een iPhone Photo manager voor Windows nodig hebt, stel ik voor om Wondershare TunesGo Retro te proberen.

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