By far the easiest way to sync an iPhone to a new Mac or Windows PC is to transfer all iPhone files and backups from the old computer to the new one. The instructions are basically the same as above, but the files and folders you are looking to copy are in different locations. As mentioned before, if you just want to quickly sync a new iPhone, all you need to do is copy the backup, but in order to preserve all other iTunes content, music, and preferences, you’ll want to copy everything over. Or use homes sharing to transfer music over and other media over, prevent iTunes from syncing automatically, plug in iPhone create backup, transfer purchases then sync. Also, there is the option to backup to the cloud and not the computer, which may make this folder not relevant anymore. I used home sharing to transfer my old itunes library, I backed up my phone on the new computer but it still wants me to erase and sync.
If you set up a new Mac using a Time Machine archive or from a previous Mac then all of these files will already be on the new machine.
Is it possible to transfer the data from my iPhone to the ‘new’ computer directly without losing anything? I have all the purchased stuff and apps downloaded in itunes on my new drive and it has been authorized already.
I just pretty much need to know where to put the files on the new drive and then hook up my phone and then what?
When seeing this complexity, I took the decision to sell my iPad as soon as Samsung is proposing the equivalent.
This worked like a charm for me, however now i have to allow iTunes to accept incoming connection on the firewall every time I open this app.
The iPad mini 4 brings the Apple A8 processor, a fully laminated display, fast internet connectivity, an 8mp iSight camera, and 2 GB of RAM—enough to run Split View multi-app multitasking. Other than that, it really is a tiny iPad Air 2 in almost every way, especially with the new fused display and higher color gamut. The FLIR P660 Infrared Camera is an advanced and extremely powerful thermal imaging device that offers the maximum pixel resolution with unbeatable thermal sensitivity.
Maximum thermal resolution provides the highest quality IR images for professional inspections. Transfer thermal images wirelessly to an Apple iPhone or iPad for further investigation & analysis.

Transfer data from an Extech clampmeter into the P660 and add these values onto infrared images. Merge visual and infrared images for more accurate thermal analysis and inspection reports.
Create digital and infrared video files, ideal for capturing thermal changes over a period of time. Automatic optimisation of brightness & contrast for more detailed and better quality images. The Flir P660 camera offers a 24 degreee field of view and is able to detect minute temperature differences, crucial to a range of industrial applications, and can display these subtle changes as a high quality thermal image that can be assessed and understood more accurately. This thermal imaging camera comes complete with IR analysis features including thermal fusion and picture-in-picture for overlaying and merging infrared images with visual light images so faults can be more clearly displayed.
In addition to advanced thermal analysis tools, the FLIR P660 thermal camera is ergonomically designed with intuitive direct access buttons and a multi-angle handle so that the P660 can be used in a variety of different situations. With advanced features including built-in GPS, a contrast optimiser, MeterLink technology and the ability to record non-radiometric infrared videos, the FLIR P660 thermal inspection camera is a state of the art device that is ideal for infrared consultants and predictive maintenance professionals who rely on an infrared camera every day at work. Please complete the information below and it will be displayed on our website once it has been reviewed by a member of staff. The necessary data is stored in several different locations, and we’ll cover what files and where they go for both Mac OS X and Windows.
All of this is made a bit better for iCloud users, but you will still need these directories copied over before you can use Wi-Fi sync and sync flawlessly to a new machine without losing data. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
I want to format and reinstall Windows 7, and if I were to lose my girlfriends iPhone sync data should would be quite unhappy. Everything is either super easy with 1 touch and 1 way to do it, or you have to bust into command line mode and start using Unix commands from 30 years ago.. I found lots of info online, much of it incomplete or incorrect, but your information was spot on. I copied over the backup files as described in the post but for some reason iTunes wouldn’t pick them up. Just authorise it in iTunes, check the settings are correct, ie the same as the old computer, and sync the phone.

It doesn’t have the fancy interface of the new version of iExplorer, but it should more than suit your needs. My old hardrive on my laptop is dying, I can still boot it up and retrieve info if I need it, but I have only 1 laptop and have to continually switch out the hard drives to do things.
Tried copying from the old PC to my new one and connected my iPhone5 but the sync would only get the old data.
I'll be following up with a full review soon but if you're trying to decide whether to buy now, now, now, here's a first look at the hardware! The FLIR P-series infrared camera is the ideal predictive maintenance tool for electrical, HVAC and industrial applications.
Apple could make this much easier, but they either can’t do it right or have the process set up this way for a reason. You might have to change the settings on your devices to use iCloud backup if you don’t use it already. It will give you a warning that it will delete the apps and app data from your device, but all my data from the apps is still there. Same with my pictures, I have saved all of them anyway, so if they disappear off the phone that’s ok.
Headphones are still a separate purchase and everything else you might need has long since gone digital. I spent a fortune for my phone and laptop…it crashed i reformatted it and all I WANT TO DO IS SYNC my i phone with my PC and not reformat my phone!!!
Now I have booked this link into my favorites so I don’t have to search for the next time. I’m just afraid that if I do the erase option I will lose the info on both the new computer and the iPhone which would be tragic. My old system kept deleting my changes, so I’m looking forward to syncing with the new computer.

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