One of the tough thing about switching your old Android phone to Samsung Galaxy S4 is migrating your contacts, calendar, SMS messages and apps over.
Now we’ll give you the guide on how to transfer content on HTC phone to Samsung Galaxy S4.
You can see the file types you can transfer from HTC to Samsung Galaxy S4, which includes Contacts, SMS, Call logs, Apps, Photos, Music, Photos, Videos. If you need to copy only contacts to Samsung S4, you can uncheck other file types except Contacts, and then start copying. You can transfer contacts, messages, calendars, photos, music, video, call logs, apps and app data from one of your device to another.

Sync outlook contacts windows phone, Describes how to sync windows phone 8 and windows phone sync your outlook contacts to windows phone select manually configure server settings or.
Sync outlook calendar windows phone - microsoft, To windows phone 7 and windows phone 8 select manually wp7 windows phone 7 calendar outlook exchange office hotmail windows live import sync. Reducing -growing storage windows phone, Windows phone 8 major problem eating built storage apparent reason. How transfer data windows phone 8 pc, From windows phone 8 smartphone windows pc windows, windows phone, windows phone 8. Some of my contact information from the HTC did not transfer to the Samsung S4, and I find myself having to manually copy some of the information to the Samsung.

Now you get everything from your old HTC on the new Samsung Galaxy S4, such as contacts with original information, text messages, videos, music, photos, as well as apps. If you want to transfer issues for once or a certain time, you can get the One Year License with the price $19.95.
Is there anyway to transfer the contacts to the Galaxy S4 with the original information on the HTC?

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