Choose the best and safe softwares for your mobile devices and computers, such as DRM Media Converter,iPhone to Mac Transfer. Transfer iPhone camera roll files you record to computer by iPhone 4 and you edit, share or make a whole movie on your computer. Vorschau ist ein weiterer Mac integrierte Anwendung fA?r Sie, iPhone Fotos in Camera Roll, um Mac-Computer zu A?bertragen. If you have lots of photos on an iPhone, but want to put them on a Windows 10 computer, there is a way to do this. Syncing is done by using a USB to Lightning cable and doing it wired, as this is much faster than doing it wirelessly. The iPhone should be visible as a drive on the PC, so you will next double click onto the drive it represents.
Next, copy the photo files onto the PC into whatever folder you like, or just place them on the Desktop so you can find them faster.
Turst your iPhone with this computer, open Photos app and click "Import" button to find iPhone device. Select your iPhone photos in Photos to import your computer, or click "Clear" to de-select photos.

With File Explorer and Windows Photos app, you will import photos from iPhone Camera Roll, not Photo Stream and Photo library. So the article listed below will tell how to easily and fast transfer iPhone camera roll files to computer with 3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer. Then computer, all information about iPhone 4, such as Type, Capacity, Version, Serial Number, and Format, will be shown on the main interface with intuitive and elegant features. When providing Professional Development to teaching staff I normally ask that they forget everything they have learnt before about operating computers.
Then you will now have all of the photos you desire moved from your iPhone to the WIN 10 computer in just a few steps. So If you want to import the whole iPhone photos to your Windows computer, the third party transfer app tool will help you.
But now you wanna edit lots of camera roll you record by iPhone, first you should back these files at your computer.
This ensures the photos automatically transfer between the two devices, but it must be set up in advance. You did that day and share it with your family with our 3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer completely.

At this time we recommend you our product 3hersoft iPhone to Computer Transfer software to help you easily transfer iPhone camera rolls you record to computer. The Share Icon – to CameraA Roll This little icon is the key and there is one share destination which appears more than most and that is the Camera Roll. App developers acknowledge this, and many are happy to allow direct export to the dropbox app (if installed) from within their app (eg, Explain everything). If the export to Dropbox isnA?a‚¬a„?t an option from the Share icon simply choose Camera Roll (sometimes called Photo Roll.Upload media from yourCamera Roll to Dropbox with the Uploads option3. A good placeA for students to upload their work may be to a folder which isA shared with the teachers personal account. But if eachA student has their own iPad, I would recommend that they open their own Dropbox account. That way you will be able to keep privateA folders with each student, if privacy is a must.

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