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But, to transfer photos you synced from iTunes, you must use third party software called iPhone Data Recovery.

Photos taken with the built-in camera or captured on iPhone can be transferred to computer directly. Manually copy photos from iPhone to PC and delete the pictures from the iPhone Camera Roll that you just imported.
Pictures you synced from iTunes are not available to transfer unless using iPhone Data Recovery. HOW DO I TRANSFER MUSIC FROM MY ITUNES LIBRARY TO MY IPHONE 4Manual management mode and playlists so. Obtain this system, and set up it on your Mac OS x, before you get began with the app, make sure you’v set up the iTunes on your Mac and link your iPhone system to Mac, then run the app, it will instantly identify the product information and display in the main interface. This article will show you how to transfer camera roll from iPhone to computer and import photo synced from iTunes to PC separately. It can transfer photo library from iPhone to PC including photos saved under camera roll and those synced from iTunes. Wir pflegen die Kultur der Ebbelwei-Kneipen wie in Frankfurt und setzen die G?ste auch gerne mal zusammen.

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Now, when i am trying to sync it again the process goes through the motion but nothing transfers.
If you do and you tried what was given to you, Call Apple iTunes support and have them help you.

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