When I purchased my original iPad I also bought Applea€™s iPad Camera Connection Kita€”the two adapters that let you import pictures via USB or an SD card. The answer is yes, you can continue to use them with the assistance of a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, such as the $29 model offered by Apple. Alternatively you can start fresh by purchasing an adapter specifically made with the Lightning connector in mind. So you’ve always wondered there should be something that can make the photo transfer from your camera to the iPad a bit faster than what it takes to do it through iTunes. I really wanted to like Apple, used to praise them, and OMG after buying one it was like I got hit with a stupid stick. If you have other photos on your computer (jpg) and transfer it to the card the connect it to the iPad it may or may not work. I keep getting an error when using the camera connection kit plugged into my camera and I pad.

Once transferred to the iPad2, how do I transfer the images to a desktop computer for post processing? You just place it between the iPad and original camera connection adapter and youa€™ll still be able to import your images from a connected camera or SD card.
Apple offers two in the form of the $29 Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and the just-as-$29 Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. It’s nice to know that a $900 iPad can transfer files the same way as a 15 year old windows 95 pc. We regularly publish detailed how-to guides, tips and useful tweaks so as to take your device to next level. If you use only one of the adapters that came in the original iPad Camera Connection Kit ita€™s six-of-one, half-dozen-of-another.

This is actually a hardware accessory that lets you connect a SD card into your iPad or let’s you plug your camera in to your iPad straight, using a USB. Else you do have the option to choose which images you wish to transfer, on an individual basis and then, go for the “Import Selected” option. The idea that you cant’ just drag and drop files from your iphone to the desktop and then onto a new iphone is beyond comprehension. If, however, you found a use for both of the original adapters, pay $29 once and get the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter.

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