18th June 2013 By Kate Williams 16 Comments Taking pictures of my (ever expanding) bump wasn’t something I really planned on doing until recently.
Then the other day I was reading the ‘wish I took pictures like that’ blog Capture by Lucy and I noticed that she had a section on pregnancy photography and I thought, well, why not?
Because I am not a professional photographer and don’t have a decent camera, I used an ipad to take these shots. My other handy hint would be to make sure in advance that you are wearing clothes that won’t leave lines on your body at all.
My final hint is photoediting, because I figured anything I did would look a lot more classy in black and white! I had professional photos done (Boudoir Photography) by FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) when I was 40 weeks. Some of my favourite sets on Pinterest are ones where people have had the commitment to take images every week or month (though if I’m honest I suspect many of them are first-timers because as we know the bump looks waaaay different second (or third, or fourth…) time around! Bump photos look particularly fabulous around the 33w mark – bump still perky, but visible, and your mobility can deal with a shoot. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and have been wanting to recreate this picture (scroll down a bit) from Kelly Hicks Photography for a while now.
Every week I post a bump shot, but today’s 36 week photo got quite a bit of a response on facebook and instagram.
You’ll need a window with natural light coming in, preferably with thin, white, or sheer curtains closed to filter the light slightly and create a soft glow. Prop up your camera on a box, dresser, or something across from your window so that it is at about shoulder height. For me, I lined up the arm next to the window in line with my body so it didn’t show, and my hand closer to the camera on my hip, making sure that you could see the curve of my back clearly.
Here’s the original (from Kelly Hicks Photography): Our editing style is a little different, but not bad for an iPhone camera! Try it out for yourself, have fun with poses, or add your kids, pets, or family to the mix.
Also, THANK YOU for taking the time to read this! Since this was posted almost 2 years ago, I have heard from hundreds of moms who have used the tutorial with great success. I had no idea this post would still be popular so thank you for reading, pinning, trying it out, and sharing it with friends!

I think this is the first Pin that I ever actually followed through on– and it worked GREAT!
I followed your tutorial step-by-step and ended up with a beautiful photo that I will cherish forever. Theresa Court, who Mr Brewer made the comment to, said she was unhappy with the apology which 'might as well have been screwed up' and came in an envelope with a second class stampHer comments have been echoed by the readers of the Plymouth Herald, 97 per cent of whom say he should quit.
And this afternoon Katie Price waded in on the row with a tweet referring to her disabled son, Harvey. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I’m not overly planning on doing this again so it might be nice to have something to look back on.
I asked my friend Tanis to take the pictures for me because she had previously mentioned getting photo’s done of her bump and therefore I reasoned would be the friend least likely to think I had lost my marbles. My pregnancy leggings are the stuff dreams are made of, but if I roll them down they leave a rather tell tale line across my stomach. If you’ve taken some pictures during pregnancy yourself, or had some done professionally I’d love to know how it went, do let me know below!
Am slightly concerned that your belly button seems to have disappeared in the second pic – did you airbrush it out or is it just hiding a bit lower down? But if you don’t want to get the bump out, a bandeau top stretched over the bump down to the jeans or skirt is a fabulous shape-enhancer. Blank walls are fab for documentation of the bump’s growth but if you’re a city slicker, why not take a pic in an urban background, or if you are lucky enough to live by the sea (ahem!) then use that too!
Before whipping out my fancy camera, I thought I’d see if I could get a similar look with my iPhone. It will take a whole bunch of pictures when the timer goes off and you can choose one to save to your camera roll from there. When I wrote it, I had taken my picture a few minutes before and had a lot of people asking for a tutorial, so I rushed to the computer and hurriedly wrote this post.
I gave this my best shot in my little poorly-lit basement apartment and was pretty happy with the results even though it’s not exactly a silhouette.
I have been wanting to do a picture like this for quite some time and I am so thankful to have found this tutorial!

I’ve always loved shots like this and it was very helpful knowing exactly how you made yours.
I have been using that app exclusively as a self-timer as Camera+ can take up a lot of space on your phone. Point the back of the phone towards you, and look on the screen to try and get your window in the center.
Also play with how close or far away you are from the camera, 2 feet from the window seemed to be the best for me.
Get your phone ready, and TAP on the corner of the curtains or window in an area where you will not be standing. When I was pregnant with P, my photographer took a silhouette shot of me during my maternity pics. I edited mine a little different (like you said- do it how YOU like it) and I am just in love with the outcome. I’ve already shared your blog with a few pregnant friends that plan to use this tutorial when they get their full-term bumps! I listened to one of the ladies on the Disability Cornwall stall and came out with the comment. The apology was an insult.'It came with a second class stamp and it was folded up into eight small bits.
Although I umm… appear to be publishing them on my blog so strangers can look at my belly. With a little bit of work, apps, and an iPhone camera (an outdated 4 at that ;)), this is what I got. The tilting and cropping help draw your eye to the person, rather than the bed or the laundry on either side of the picture. She was on hand to tell councillors about the issues they face and the work they do with parents of children with special needs.Mr Brewer approached the stand, where there were parents of disabled children, and asked what the charity did.
According to Ms Court he said that children with special needs cost too much money.Fortunately, she added, none of the parents heard his comments.

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