As experienced of a Mac user as I am, I only just learned about this feature and I found it very useful when I discovered it. I was trying to take a screenshot for an earlier tutorial that I wrote, and it was one of those situations where you have to hold down the Option key to reveal a hidden menu. The other alternative I found was to take a timed screenshot, which would let me set up a 10-second timer and then perform the keystroke to reveal a hidden menu for one of the steps in one of my tutorials. From there, all I had to do was wait for the Mac to take the screenshot on its own while the hidden menu was showing.
3) Next, a pop-up window will appear that asks you if you want to take a timed screenshot after 10 seconds.
Note: During the period of waiting, you are free to do anything you wish, including holding down the Option key to reveal hidden menus. The ability to take a timed screenshot is one that I found incredibly useful for my needs, but it’s obviously a very niche feature that not everybody is going to need. You could connect to Facebook so you could send and receive lives with friends, as well as compete with them at the leaderboard.
Although this free app is a fun game to play, connecting same characters is not really a new idea in the app world. The graphics, background music and sound effects are all fun, which make the game enjoyable to play. The only drawback for this app is that it’s not really a fresh idea as it’s like an imitation of the game Disney Tsum Tsum.
Puchi Puchi Pop is an easy to learn and free app that can also be addictive, especially if you are competitive and would like to beat your friends in any game. Fallout Shelter is not your usual game, although there are still some features that you would find in other apps, making it still somewhat familiar and easy to learn. This game can get addictive since you would feel the need to create a nice vault for your dwellers and keep on improving it. It could take time to unlock levels and various items without in-app purchase so it could be tempting to spend real cash, although it’s still possible to continue with the game without it.
Fallout Shelter is a breath of fresh air in the app world where everything seems to be just a copy of the other games, just with a slight change in the looks of the items or characters. Avast ye salty Sea Dogs, it be time for another installment for one o’ me ramblings about the gaming world! If the same thing happens to you, don’t worry because there are things that you can do to resolve your problem. It’s something Apple includes in their OS X operating system that is very much under-used because hardly anyone actually knows about it.
It would be great if there were video tutorials on the site as well like there used to be when Jeff was around. You've reached the treasure island, the Pirate's one and only sacred haven for Smartphone, aye!

Here’s yer friendly app pirate again back again from sailing the seven seas, booty hunting and find interesting apps that I could share with ye me hearties.
Aye, it feels like I drunk too much rum me lads and lasses as it would make ye laugh what kind of app this old salt tried to play today. Yer friendly app pirate is here again ready to share with ye another app review that I got from exploring the seven seas. This would make you want to play more and score even higher, especially if you’re competitive.
It’s fun and enjoyable with its cute and colorful graphics and lively background music and sound effects. The setting and plot is different as the main area is in a vault that’s situated 2,000 feet under the ground. It has a cartoony feel but not too much that it doesn’t look like that it was a game made for younger ones. You should also get to know each of your dwellers as they have different interests and personalities. It’s also nice how there’s so much content to explore, which makes it a game that you could play for a long time. But I’ve had problems with it in the past so I learned a few tricks on how fix Android GPS problems. That was not the first time that I experienced a situation where I can’t start my iPhone so I knew what to do. We found gold coins and other treasures that made us shout yo, ho, ho and ‘acourse, made us drink rum!
You would feel more into it with the playful music and you’ll want to pop the pets even more when you hear that sound effect. If you’ve played Disney Tsum Tsum before, you’ll see a huge similarity between it and Puchi Puchi Pop.
In-app purchases are available, but you could always disable this option if you don’t want to accidentally purchase anything and keep playing the game without spending money.
It may look a lot like Disney Tsum Tsum, but if you enjoy that game and you are looking for an alternative, this is a great option. Today I dove deep below Davey Jones’s locker to bring you an app that ye buckos would love.
You will have control of the vault and the people, which are called dwellers, that survived the blast that destroyed the surface where people once lived. While it has some drawbacks, it’s still generally a nice game to play so it’s recommended that you give it a try.
Everyone loves to have a title to throw around every once in a while, o’ course, not everyone can afford them.
Me and my fellow buccaneers are happy because of the booties that we got from our last treasure hunt.

We also use different apps to make our photos look more presentable like CollageIt Free and Instagram. If ye lads are having difficulties with your GPS, these steps on how to fix Android GPS issue can help resolve your concern. Aye, me wife and I sailed to Calypso’s point, an island far off course from any merchant shipping lane. Don’t worry me mateys, this bucko hasn’t forgotten ‘bout ye as I also brought ye a great find.
The basic gameplay would require you to connect the same characters to gain as many points as you can within a minute.
There’s so much to explore, unlock and do that’s why it’s more likely that you would feel greatly immersed in the game.
Arrrgh, it costs quite a bit of gold doubloons to make a small library o’ video games. I’ve been a cockswain for several years, assisting the captain in our journey to the ocean.
After treasure hunting, I will buy a digital camera to take better photos on every place that we go to.
If ye lads don’t have a digital camera like me, you can still get great photos by following some of these tips.
The island is serene and peaceful, with a cave stocked with a case of rum and a fully furnished cottage. Just looking at the characters would already make you feel happy because of their cuteness. Like other apps, there are also items to unlock that can help you in building the vault and make it a happy, safe and comfortable place for your dwellers.
The animation of every character is also impressive as every one in a scene is moving, instead of just sitting or standing there until you tap on them. While we’re having party in our ship, we’re also taking photos that we can share to our landlubber friends. Each of the characters have their own levels and they also have their own special powers that could get you to higher levels. Like a real community of people, you’ll also be dealing with personal relationships between couples, who can produce babies that would be a part of your vault.

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