On a recent trip with my wife to Atlantis in the Bahamas, we encountered some interesting characters swimming in the large main pool. Meanwhile, in another section of the pool, there was an Eastern European man in a Speedo holding what appeared to be a GoPro camera attached to the end of a foot-long stick.
For a moment, I wanted this selfie video stick, but in that same moment, a small piece of my soul shook its head disapprovingly and died in shame. This is an international crisis, and we need to band together and correct this societal fault. These images are not physical objects – they exist in the ether, in the great cyberspace. There was a moment last week when Facebook was down for a few minutes where I turned to our social media manager Sara Johnson and said, “What if this is it?
Which brings us back to the dude with the GoPro on a stick, swimming slowly in a shallow pool, recording a video of himself staring at a small camera that no one will want to watch, which will go on to garner a few scattered sympathy likes, at most.
I kissed a dolphin last weekend on that trip to Atlantis, and no one will ever see a picture of it.
YI Technology has announced that its new Yi 4K Action Camera 2 is currently on presale at Gearbest for $249.99. The original Yi camera, which came out in March 2015, was marketed as a budget alternative to GoPro.
Another cool feature of the new Yi Camera is the ability to shoot slow motion and time lapse footage. In time lapse mode, the Yi 4K 2 supports multiple shot intervals including 0.5 seconds through 60 seconds between shots. Torrentz Closes Shop In Wake Of Kickass Torrent Shutdown: Are Alternatives Pirate Bay And Extratorrent Next?
But, as we said before, given the proper mounting solution is key to paling the camera in weird location. I am not really sure why anybody would want to attach a GoPro to a fishing bait, but if you end up really wanting to this tutorial will explain how it’s done.
Staying in the underwater realm, this PVC rig is a great tool if you are diving with a GoPro.

We love Sugru here at DIYP, as it is probably the easiest, funnest way of quickly molding plastic parts. While using a go pro for time lapse is not as common as we’d like, but it has an internal intervalometer allowing a time lapse configuration. This is one of the fastest hacks on the list and it will only take a short trip to the hardware store and about 3 minutes of your time. If they had used a soloshot attached to the cable cam and then the gopro attached to the soloshot the video would have been perfect! To see more of his work please visit his studio website blurMEDIAphotography, or follow him on Twitter, 500px, Google Plus or YouTube. Stefan Kohler is a conceptual photographer, specialized in mixing science, technology and photography. When he isn't waking up at 4am to take photos of nature, he stays awake until 4am taking photos of the night skies or time lapses. As my family and I are preparing for a short family vacation to an indoor waterpark, I am trying to just take the minimum when it comes to GoPro accessories.
I have been wanting a GoPole Bobber for a while now, and upcoming vacation is the perfect excuse to pull the trigger. The GoPro Suction Cup Mount will be good if you’re going on a road trip or long car ride for vacation.
I have never used these GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts before, but I bought them on Amazon for $10 along with my Bobber. Meredith is a blogger and YouTuber, focused on motivating folks to create awesome GoPro videos and family movies through Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, and How-To’s.
There was the woman and her significant other, wading slowly in the shallow end with while holding an iPhone.
They live in 140 characters and are gone for good, begging for barely friends and coworkers to give a thumbs up or heart of approval, then are deleted or forgotten.
It’s likely that the rise in selfie culture can be traced to the rise in social sharing opportunities. Priced at around $65, the Yi camera is only half the cost of GoPro's entry-level offering, the GoPro Hero, but with better specs and additional features compared to its competition.

GoPro Hero, on the other hand, records 1080p videos at 30 frames per second and only has 5-megapixel camera built in. It uses Ambarella A9 chipset similar to the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition, and has a 2.19-inch, 330 ppi resolution touchscreen display comparable to the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. It can capture 740p videos at frame rates up to 240 frames per second, which results in video playback of approximately 10 percent of normal speed. As a final shot at the GoPro Hero 4, the Yi 4K 2 also includes electronic image stabilization, which results in smoother playback of high intensity captures. I thought I’d share my GoPro accessories packing list with you, in hopes that you can pack a little lighter and still get all the the great shots. I will wear this GoPro Headstrap mount on all the waterslides and embarrass my family like always!
It seems like a smart choice for a humid indoor waterpark, and for $10, why not try them out?
But it became quickly clear that some other social media platform would take its place and the selfie-ing would commence unabated.
I don’t have a handle or grip for my GoPro, so getting a floating one is an added bonus. A likely disciple of Kim Kardashian’s forthcoming literary work, she spent the next 20 minutes – 20 minutes!
It is mounted in a Styrofoam X and (12 points for bravery) it is friction fit into the Styrofoam while being pulled up by the balloons.
If you’re going to mount it on the outside of your car (or anywhere kinda dangerous), read up on my 3 keys to Safe Suction cupping first! The man’s selife pole and GoPro camera were waterproof, so as he swam around underwater he held the pole out for minutes at a time and just stared at it, occasionally waving into the emptiness. The battery life will reportedly last up to 8 hours on standby and 2 hours of continuous shooting.

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