Last year invites whent out September 4th for the event September 12 really getting close now. Anyone ever think maybe they are replacing the white and silver, black and slate models in favor of a gold (champagne) and graphite?
I think apple is going to phase out the black and slate iphone, because it is prone to scratches and scuffs.
Please stop discouraging options, they’re very beneficial to customers and just need to be presented in a neat way (like the Moto-X). Once you've checked out all the images in the gallery, be sure to let us know in the comments what iPhone 5s you went with. Last week, Apple finally delivered the iPhone 5S to buyers around the world including in the United States where the device is available on all four major carriers.
For much of 2013, the iPhone 5S was a rumored smartphone, a phantom, a specter, teasing buyers with possible features and possible release dates. The device went on sale on September 20th, the date that Apple made official at its event, and as expected, the device proved to be popular with consumers as several variants sold out almost immediately. Those that don’t want to buy online should still call ahead to see how much stock is availability. Those who don’t want to deal with calling a store or simply were not provided with answers have another route to take.
Those who do see the appeal will simply want to wait before buying as the iPhone 5S will surely move to new carriers in the next few months, probably around the time that stock starts to shape up.
The gold iPhone 5S is in short supply at the moment thanks to steep demand across the planet. Again, we highly suggest waiting out the stock issues and paying the advertised price but again, we can’t stop everyone. Earlier today, we learned that T-Mobile had begun shipping out orders, sooner than their expected shipping dates. It’s possible that demand will push the device further out but those ordering now should expect their device to arrive next month or whenever Apple says it will arrive. Tags: amanda seyfried, best collage, best lyrics, best quote, broadway case, collage lyrics, collage quote, custom case, custom phone case, custom phone cover, Dirtbag Baby, ed sheeran, ed sheeran case, Ed Sheeran Collage Quote, firefly, firefly case, Firefly quote, funny cases, galaxy case, Grateful Death, Grateful Death case, Grateful Death logo, great perhaps, great perhaps case, i go to seek a great perhaps, I'm Just A Teenage Dirtbag Baby, iphone 6 case, john green quote, John Green Quote Okay, katy perry case, looking for alaska, lyrics collage, map case, Moments Collage, note 3 case, note 4 case, okay case, okay okay, okay quote, paper, paper phone case, paper quote, Paper Quotes Memories, samsung galaxy case, stars collage, the fault in our stars, Wheatus, Wheatus case, Wheatus quote, You Can't Take The Sky From Me, youtubers phone case. Veel is er al gezegd over de iPhone 6, maar de meeste dingen zijn allemaal nog eigenlijk maar geruchten. Zoals je kan zien in de afbeelding, is het scherm een stukje groter dan normaal, namelijk 5 in plaats van 4 horizontale icoontjes.
Verder kan je op de screenshot ook applicaties zien en daar horen een paar nieuwe applicaties bij. But while Kreyos sounds good on paper, only time will tell if that will translate into a hit product. That’s nice but if and when Apple comes out with one it will render all others obsolete. If (and when) Apples makes one, what they release will be somewhat shmancy, very overpriced and already obsolete. Im implying that apple does it best and no matter what smart watch is currently on the market, apple will win in sales. I do know what obsolete means and It was my choice of word simply for coloring my first statement. You’re like one of those people who is smart at reading things but over analyze the simple things which leaves you looking sloppy and scatterbrained.

Did anyone notice that the still shots of people doing activities have the watch photoshopped in? Getting tired of hearing about all the kick starter stuff I kind of wish they would just report on products that actually are either on the market or going to be by an actual company.
I backed and purchased about 8 or 9 things on Kickstarter and have received all but one which I just got my survey this week… so that means it ships soon. One of my favorite musicians, is also an artist and one of the founders of 44Flood (Mention3 of Saltillo and Sunday Munich) and the book I backed was far more than I expected. Also, a lot of these concepts look good when you don’t think about them, but when you actually think through how they’d work in real life, they’re not such a great idea. I don’t want a pointless lit up apple logo eating into my battery life for no reason.
I opened my 4S up to put in a led light for the Apple logo and it was sweet, but it definitely looked like you couldn’t do it with just the light of the display. We've managed to get our hands on all three models and the first order of business was to take tons of photos of all of them in all their aluminium glory.
You can also check out our other iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c photo galleries via the links below.
The device also comes in three colors as opposed to two including silver, gray and the elusive champagne gold. In fact, the gold iPhone 5S is extremely difficult to find at this point as it is sold out everywhere. Many of those buyers will be looking for a specific iPhone 5S model, either online or in-stores and we highly recommend doing one thing before heading to a physical or online store. While shipping times may be atrocious online, specifically for the gold iPhone, a local store could have some stock availability whether it’s due to returns or otherwise.
Customer service representatives will typically offer up some details on what they have and don’t have in stock. Something else that we highly recommend doing is checking for availability online or through Apple’s Apple Store application. In our checks this morning the gold iPhone 5s remains out of stock in most zip codes in San Francisco, Ohio and New York for all carriers and in every size, but we are able to locate many space gray and silver iPhone 5s models in these same areas.
While they may not have the coverage area of a larger carrier, they still will have some appeal to many. Buyers may be able to find a seller that doesn’t jack up the price but for the most part, we expect sellers to try and glean some profit and thus, those who want instant gratification need to be willing to pay.
Apple is going to be working as hard as it can to fulfill orders in a timely manner and because of that, we could see some orders arrive earlier than expected. We could see this occur on several different carriers down the line, meaning, the advertised shipping dates aren’t something to worry about.
Apple will have buyers covered and we expect stock issues to ease up in the next few weeks as Apple works to fulfill orders. Stores are going to be hectic over the next few weeks so it’s best to just avoid them until the furor dies down.
As we’ve said before, buyers need to stop convincing themselves that they need the new iPhone 5S today. So, call your apple store an hour before they open (that’s when phone lines open up).
Zo ziet het icoontje van de iWatch er niet heel erg goed uit en zal Apple dit zelf nooit zo maken.

And it’s not just Kickstarters anymore—Apple, Google, Samsung and LG are just a few of the tech giants rumored to be building wearable devices. The developers are hoping to start shipping the smartwatch in November of this year, and it’s quite possible that the wearable computer space will be much more crowded by then. Scientific reviews show it contains numerous factual errors,[14][17] and fails to produce the results asserted by proponents.[16][18] According to clinical psychologist Grant Devilly (2005),[19] NLP has had a consequent decline in prevalence since the 1970s. It makes you sound ignorant and creates potential misunderstandings which seem to unsettle you more than the other party.
Would I want anybody to be able to pick up my phone after someone’s texted me and reply back to them without entering a password?
The graphite iPhone, on the other hand, shows up completely full, nothing leading up to it. While I am very careful with my phone, I think the graphite is sleek and sexy with the black dual tone glass. Whether you're still waiting for your iPhone 5s to arrive or just can't decide on which color to go with, we've got tons of photos to help you decide, including tons of the hard to find gold edition!
The company’s website and mobile application offer users an easy way to see if specific stores have in-store availability.
Cellular will also be getting the iPhone 5S at some point though it still hasn’t announced a release date. Those that don’t want to wait have some options as far as getting the iPhone 5S they want. By placing an order online, buyers can simply sit back and relax while Apple or someone else handles everything.
Vooral die laatste is interessant omdat dit kan duiden op een iWatch waar al zo vaak over gesproken wordt. The device itself can be removed from the watchband, and worn on a lanyard, clipped to clothing and other things.
And with   its custom gesture actions, you can control your smartphone with a quick flick of the wrist. They can however indicate the quality of the marketing, the scale of the lobbying power and size of the corporation. Similarly, a future iPhone with a slightly larger display could very well look like a smaller iPad mini. A neat looking notifications banner has been added, as well as a new lockscreen with a re-designed time and date display. However, they won’t be the only carriers hosting the iPhone 5S and those that want to take their money elsewhere simply need to wait.
Seems convenient, until you think about the real reason behind the lock screen and password.
Because HISTORY will show you that NO ONE has done it better than Apple and that is not an opinion.

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