As female photographers specializing in female body posing, we understand that women have always had a desire within ourselves to feel beautiful. Also ServingWe think Charleston, SC is the most beautiful city, but we also love serving our clients in Savannah, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Columbia, and Beaufort.
When you were a little girl, you twirled around in pretty dresses, pretending to be a princess in a far away land. In the end you will have a long list of images you are incredibly proud of, and they will make the most special gift he will ever receive! It is not about sexy lingerie – it is about capturing you at your most flattering angle. Enjoy unlimited champagne as our pro hair and makeup artists pamper you for about an hour prior to beginning your shoot.
We take many classy boudoir shots in black and white, which focuses the viewer on the important parts of the picture.

If your husband loves a football team, then bring his favorite team jersey; they make for great photos!
We’re silly and playful, which we believe is key to getting our clients to relax, have fun, and let their personality out. Our goal is that a week later, when you come in for your personalized viewing session, you are blown away by your images. You’ll see many of our favorite shots and ideas in the gallery, but we are always experimenting with different boudoir setups and custom ideas. Our number one focus here at Luxe Boudoir is to celebrate your beauty in the most classy and tasteful way possible. Think: Victoria’s Secret classy, but the focus is not your underwear, it’s your eyes, your lips, “that look” you give. The most important thing is to put you at ease so we can capture the true beauty of that is uniquely you.

We believe that good boudoir is beautiful and classy- so out with all the negative stereotypes, and IN with Luxe Boudoir! Everything you see on this website is extremely representative of the kinds of images you will receive from your session- and we think that every woman in these photos is as (if not more) beautiful as a pro model.
We are extremely accurate with our angles of shooting, and direction of light to photograph you in the most beautiful, flattering way possible.

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