A professor of optometry has issued a warning about the dangers to road users posed by sun glare at this time of year.
James Loughman, professor of optometry and vision science at Dublin Institute of Technology, says there is a risk of collisions due to blind spots created by sun glare and the distance perception problems that this creates. The professor goes on to explain that middle-aged and older drivers are more sensitive to glare than younger drivers, because their eyes take longer to adjust to changing light levels. Professor Loughman goes on to say that diet is an important factor for both tear function and macular pigment protection against glare. Noel Gibbons, road safety officer for Mayo County Council in Ireland, said: ''We can't change the position of the sun, or the need to travel at certain times, but there are simple steps you can take to ensure you're prepared for these conditions. I confirm that I have read and accept the moderation policy and house rules relating to comments posted on this website.
I am aware of a circumstance that occurred a few years ago when a motorcyclist was killed when a car drove out of a car park and the motorcycle was not seen.
Have driven and ridden with sunglasses and tinted windows and visors and though they can help visibility in some cases and to some degree they are not the complete answer. With 50 days to go until the first ‘European Day Without a Road Death’, TISPOL has published a video to suggesting ways for road users ways to get involved in the event. Driving is the most popular way for people to get from point A to point B all around the world. Driving through an intersection is one of the most dangerous places you could drive through and not paying attention can cause you a lot of bodily harm. Driving with a cellphone creates one of the biggest hazards there is: driving without both hands on a wheel or eyes on the road.
Driving on slick roads can cause the dangerous driving hazard of sliding and getting in an accident that could involve flipping your vehicle. To avoid this hazard, make sure your tires are chained if there is ice or heavy snow on the ground. To avoid being hit by a car when changing a tire or tending to road side emergencies be sure to drive completely off of the road. Pay extra attention while driving in school zones, where children are at play or anywhere there is a high population of children.
When driving during the day, and it’s a bright, sunny day in particular, wearing sunglasses to block out the glare of the sun is a must. Driving with children in the backseats of the car can oftentimes be its own hazardous driving condition.
Although nothing beats a drive on a lovely sunny day, the sunshine can cause a variety of problems if you’re not ready for it.
When the sun is lower in the sky through the winter it may often shine right on the attention-line of the driver which may cause serious problems. If you fail to completely block out the glare you’d better pop on a pair of sunglasses – you must keep a pair handy in a car at all times through the summer and the winter time.
If you are blinded by a sun glare from behind you shining within your rear view mirror this may cause problems too, particularly if you are driving on the busy road with lots of other vehicles. Glaring sunshine on the road ahead is another tricky situation which you may have to cope with and possibly by far the most difficult of most. In order to shield your eyes in the glare in the summer sun, once again you might need to utilize a great pair of sunglasses. Norco Ford carries a great choice of new and used cars for driving whatever the weather; remember these useful tips for safe driving in sunny conditions. Window sun screens produced utilizing a durable mixture of polyester fiber engrossed in PVC would be the perfect window treatment, hands lower.
Window photo voltaic screens supply the epitome of protection for the furniture while safeguarding your privacy and permitting the utilization sun light. Defense against Sun Fade: Furniture and curtains fade with time because of the quantity of sunlight they receive.
Defense against Ultra violet Sun rays: Ultra violet sun rays are dangerous to humans, pets, as well as your house furnishings. Defense against Spying Eyes: You can observe out, but visibility in the outdoors searching was almost completely blocked.
No Obstruction of Interior to Exterior View: Unlike blinds, sun screens allow a lot of visibility from the home. Save 20-30 % on Energy Your Bill: Making use of your indoor lights less often means less utilization of electricity to light your house. Your present screens perform a congrats keeping bugs out and permitting sunlight and outdoors to go in your house.
Unlike automobiles owned by mysterious superheroes, regular cars have no stealth capabilities, cannot transform into superbikes, or pick-up ladies from rooftops. He also explained that driving directly against the sun can also block peripheral vision and cause sudden moments of blindness as the sun peeks out from behind surrounding objects.
People with lighter coloured eyes will be bothered more by glare and vision-correction surgery can also increase sensitivity to glare.

This has the additional effect of increasing glare as a result of ocular irritation and an irregular tear film. The car driver, an elderly man, blamed the sun in his eyes as he did not see any vehicles approaching.
It's also a danger when by the side of us and passing hedges and fencing we can suffer a strobe effect that can not only be a nuisance but disturbing and possibly dangerous. If like wearing high vis you believe that this is all that is required you can be quite wrong in that assumption and that could be too late.
Driving without both hands on the wheel can prevent you from being able to make important decisions in the very moment they’re needed. Always make sure you drive slowly on slick roads and that your tires are properly inflated and the tread is in good condition before you hit the road. When these warning signs are present, make sure that you turn your high beams on to see more clearly and don’t drive too far above the speed limit so you can see anything either laying in the road or at the road edges which may be waiting to enter the roadway. Turn on your windshield wipers as soon as it starts raining and adjust the speed accordingly to the falling rain for greatest visibility.
Nothing is so important in your day that warrants driving too fast or negligently where children are present.
If you drive long distances or experience hot summers, be sure to check your coolant level often and install the correct coolant recommended by your manufacturer.
Sunglasses work great to prevent the sun’s glare from distracting you while driving, or worse, blinding you altogether.
Make sure both of your headlights are clean and pointed in the right direction so that as much light can show on the road as possible and you can see where you are going at all times. To reduce this risk, make sure all children are buckled in proper safety buckles for their age levels. Following these tips on how to avoid these hazards will ensure that you and your family stay safe at all times on the road and also those you share the road with as well. In case you are only blinded for a couple of seconds it can lead to accidents, in the winter time the sun is lower in the sky and can cause real trouble – even. It can be tiring and you need to really concentrate just to be able to anticipate what’s going on in the road ahead. If the sun catches onto a dirty windshield, additionally you need make your windshield clean and nice always -you will have a greater possibility of being dazzled. Keep a close eye on any vehicles behind you – they may not be able to watch you clearly just as you might not get a clear view of the vehicles in the front. The only reply to this type of situation is to slow down and ensure that you have plenty of time and energy to react to anything which comes up on the road ahead. If you drive a convertible car with all the hood top you might reap the benefits of a sunhat (make sure that it’s a good fit) as well as a pair of sunglasses.
Blinds help minimize the results by almost entirely obstructing out sun light and supply hardly any privacy protection when they are open.
Sun screens help block dangerous sun rays while permitting you to view out and take full advantage of sun light. Blinds block view and should be moved when unpredicted company arrives or to look at disturbances outdoors the house. The glare is frequently blinding and may cause accidents for example ruling a motorcycle or any other toys because of poor visibility. Making the most of sun light sources helps in reducing your carbon footprint along with your energy bill.
Window sun screens permit you to make best use of sunlight in each and every room having a window.
Education of drivers and riders as to the various scenarios where sunlight can cause or contribute to a collision is to my mind needed. That being said, you may want to find ways to reduce your driving hazards as much as possible.
Even when there appears to be no one else coming through the intersection, stop when the light is not green to avoid accidents with any unforeseen vehicles or more especially bicycles or pedestrians. So, once again, to reduce your exposure to common driving hazards… always be prepared for changing road conditions. Best to place your hazard lights on or at the very least, a bright flashlight behind your car at nighttime, pointed towards oncoming traffic.
Remain observant at all times and drive a little under the speed limit to prevent hydroplaning. If your headlights are ‘glazed’ (a condition where the sun’s UV rays damage the surface of the headlamp), then consider de-glazing them with a kit designed for this purpose.
You can also include them in helping to ensure the safety of your drive by asking them to help keep a proper noise level so that you are not distracted from driving.
In the summer time the sunshine is higher in the sky but can still cause problems if you’re not prepared to deal with the heat as well as the glare.

Even pulling your sun visor down probably won’t help; it could block your take a look at the road without blocking out of the glare of the sun. Don’t depend on your rear view mirror; remember that one could always look over your shoulder to check out any blind spots before making a maneuver. This is another occasion when a good pair of sunglasses can aid you to drive safely, particularly if you choose polarized sunglasses which are specifically made for driving.
Color-coordinate these great window photo voltaic screens using the color or accent color of your house. Glare is reduced to almost nothing forget about driving blindly to your front yard because of sun glare on home windows.
Sun screens permit you to remain safe and sound inside while seeing what’s happening outdoors.
Window sun screens prevent glare because of the character from the materials that they’re made.
Many home owners report savings of 20-30 % on energy bills after installing photo voltaic screens.
They snap into position much like your normal window screens; however they give a very different functionality. Also, consider not taking calls at all why you drive by turning off the phone or setting it to silent while you are in the car. West Virginia has the highest deer collision incidents in the nation and as do many other states, warn drivers to slow down and be on the lookout. Also turning on your headlights is a good idea in order to be adequately seen by other drivers.
The best rule of thumb is; slow down and give driving your full attention in these tender areas. Invite them to sing songs they like, play stories for them on CD, or encourage them in travel games. Make sure that your wipers will be in good condition too – should they simply smear the water and then make things worse then you need to change them. Search for instant rebates and special summer season offers for more income saving options. To reduce your exposure to common driving hazards from others using cell phones, consider that most people with a phone in their ear, do not realize how they are actually driving.
Keeping a few roadside safety equipment pieces in your vehicle might also provide additional peace of mind in case of unforeseen emergencies.
Replace your wipers every fall with a quality pair of windshield wipers from your local auto parts store.
To reduce your exposure to common driving hazards when there are school buses en route, always pay attention to their flashing red lights. If they tell you that you need expensive repairs, ask them if they will install a product such as K&W Metallic Block seal to get you by while you save your money for the repair. Choose something that you can easily eat with one hand, that doesn’t shed all over the place.
Distracted driving here is usually a strong culprit to accidents involving sun and sun glare situations. Also, your favorite auto mechanic or body shop will clean them for you and make sure they are properly aligned. Driving with children can be a pleasant experience with a little forethought and careful planning. Ultimately if you are experiencing difficulity seeing as you drive in low sun remember to decrease. Do your best to stay clear of these drivers by either passing them or staying well behind them. These retail outlets will be happy to assist you in installing your new wiper blades as well.
This may sound like a no brainer, however many states are now passing laws that allow for installation of front and rear cameras that activate when they turn on their red lights. Most shops will oblige with such a request and often times this repair can be a permanent solution as well. A regular burger and fries are better than a chili cheese dog loaded with all those goodies just waiting to fall into your lap that take your eyes off of the road in that very moment you may need to be watching. By taking the time to provide activities for them to do as well as to educate them on safe driving habits can mean the difference of a safe and happy driving experience or one that ends in tragedy. This is due to the many motorists that simply ignore them or are so distracted that they don’t pay attention to what is going on around them.

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