The last two years have a been a crazy ride for two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry as a member of the Golden State Warriors.
Despite a shocking loss after being up 3-1 in the 2016 NBA Finals, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors have had a pretty solid summer anyway. Curry and the Warriors contributed together in landing the biggest prize of the NBA free agency period this summer: Kevin Durant.
Durant, along with new teammates Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, will play for Team USA in the 2016 Rio Olympics and help the stars and stripes defend the gold medal they won back in 2012 in London. Curry missed some time in Golden State’s run back to the NBA Finals after tweaking his ankle (an issue he had early on in his career) and a sprained knee against the likes of the Houston Rockets and the Portland Trail Blazers in the first two rounds. The former Michigan State star and Golden State Warriors forward inadvertently posted a photo of his penis to his Snapchat account over the weekend. Green is becoming versed at the art of apology; three weeks ago Green was arrested on an assault charge  in East Lansing after a run-in with former Michigan State cornerback Jermaine Edmondson, and apologized to the team.
Former President Bill Clinton headlined the second night of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, delivering a passionate and personal stump speech on behalf of his wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The trick for Obama, if he can pull it off, will be transferring charisma to his long-ago rival and former secretary of state without saying her election would amount to his third term. The former president gave his rapt audience a complete oral biography of his wife’s life as a daughter, student, wife, mother and advocate for social causes, focusing on her ability to tackle problems and solve them.
Superdelegates have come under scrutiny this year, especially among Sanders supporters, because they are sometimes at odds with their constituents back home about which candidates they support. On May 24, Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University polled 1,561 registered voters on Bill Clinton.
In an unusual turn for a Bill Clinton speech, he opted not to defend his own legacy-one that was built upon the centrist policies now under siege by conservatives and diehard progressives. Clinton emphasised that experience is part of what makes his wife so prepared to be the 45th president. While the International Olympic Committee refused Sunday to impose a blanket ban on Russia, it brought in new criteria preventing Russians from competing if they have previously served a ban or were implicated in McLaren’s report. Effectively, the rowers have been blocked because they have not been tested enough times out of Russian Federation. Russia’s rowing spots are going to Australia, Greece and two teams from Italy, FISA said.
SAILING – World Sailing has provisionally confirmed the participation of six athletes from Russian Federation for the Games.
And a spokesperson for International Judo Federation (IJF) president Marius Vizer told Press Association Sport that the federation had written to the IOC to say all 11 of Russia’s proposed team should be considered eligible. The fencing federation president is Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The five were named as Elena Aniushina, Natalia Podolskaya, Alexander Dyachenko, Andrey Kraitor and Alexey Korovashkov. Dyachenko won the men’s K2 gold medal at London 2012 along with his team-mate Iurii Postrigai, who will also miss out on Rio although he was not implicated in the report. The ICF, however, had been expected to crack down even harder having issued one-year bans to Belarus and Romania earlier this month for repeated doping violations.
Long jumper Darya Klishina is the only athlete eligible to represent Russian Federation out of the 68 who were entered.

That was the conclusion of a report by Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren, which prompted a recommendation by the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) that the entire Russian national delegation be barred from the Games. The Olympics begin on August 5, giving sports federations precious little time to deal with Russian competitors, some of whom are already in Brazil.
Following a conference call yesterday (Tuesday 26 July) with its board of directors in the wake of the damning McLaren report on doping in sport, the world governing body for sailing confirmed the eligibility of RS:X competitors Stefania Elfutina and Maksim Oberemko, 470 sailors Liudmila Dmitrieva, Alisa Kirilyuk and Denis Gribanov, and Laser helm Sergey Komissarov. Kustov had been entered for the Russian team, with Frolov as a reserve, and both will now be excluded, the UIPM says. Heading into the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the World Anti-Doping Agency has warned there is insufficient drug testing in a number of ex-Soviet countries with some of the world’s worst doping records. Former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten confers with her attorney, Rich Pfeiffer, not shown, during a break from her hearing before the California Board of Parole Hearings in April in Chino, Calif. The board noted that during her 46 years in prison, Van Houten completed college degrees, ran self-help groups for other inmates and had a spotless disciplinary record. She changed into Rosemary’s clothes and drank chocolate milk from their refrigerator following the slaying. Van Houten was found guilty of the LaBianca murders in 1971 and sentenced to death but that conviction and sentence were overturned on appeal.
The 66-year-old is serving a life sentence for killing a wealthy grocer and his wife more than 40 years ago.
Trump responded by suggesting the Obama administration had failed to stop Putin, but then noted that many citizens of Crimea were allegedly supportive of Russia’s decision to invade.
Trump’s ties to Russia have been under a microscope in recent weeks after it appeared that Russian agencies were behind the hacking of DNC emails that were leaked right before the Democratic convention. US intelligence officials believe that Russian Federation interests played a role in hacking Democratic Party computer systems, perhaps in an effort to aid Trump’s election bid.
The Clinton team worked to portray their party’s convention in a different light from the just concluded Republican gathering in Cleveland, where Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination but party divisions flared when his chief rival, Texas Sen.
In one of the largest rallies planned for the day, a pro-Bernie Sanders group is expected to walk across the Ben Franklin Bridge, which connects Camden, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S.
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The woman at the center of an explosive gang rape investigation involving Oregon State football players is speaking out after 16 years of silence. Brenda Tracy, now 40, railed against her alleged attackers in a bombshell interview that has prompted a university review and unearthed a controversial time in the teama€™s history. Then a 24-year-old mother of two, Tracy initially reported the accusations to Corvallis police in 1998 and underwent a rape-kit examination.
Prosecutors say they had a strong case against four football players a€” including two at Oregon State a€” but had to drop the charges when Tracy decided not cooperate. The kind words of a nurse who conducted the rape examination helped change her mind about killing herself, but she dropped the case and suffered in obscurity for more than a decade before calling Oregonian columnist John Canzano with her shocking tale. Tracy claims she was hanging out with a friend and the four players at the frienda€™s house when the men attacked her.

At least two of the men raped her, and she was sexually assaulted by all four during a nightmare ordeal that lasted seven hours and included sodomy with a flashlight, police said in their report.
Officers arrested Oregon State defensive back Calvin Carlyle and running back Jason Dandridge on charges of sodomy, unlawful sexual penetration and sex abuse.
Carlyle, the only player to talk with the paper, denies he assaulted Tracy and says hea€™s moved on. Oregon State coach Mike Riley who suspended the players for one game and said in 1998 they made a€?a bad choice,a€? now says maybe he should have done more and plans to invite Tracy to speak to his current team about the consequences of sexual assault.
The university issued a statement offering condolences to Tracy and promising to revisit the case.
Tracy, who was inspired by her rape-kit examiner to become a nurse, said shea€™s encouraged by offers to speak at the university and to current players. I recently informed [USA Basketball chairman] Jerry Colangelo of this decision,” Curry said in a statement back in June.
And he finally got her to visit him in Arkansas, where she took a teaching position and started the first legal aid clinic in northwest Arkansas. One veteran of the Obama White House said this week that he was jealous he wouldn’t be working in the same building as Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton supported that repeal, which allows a single company to operate as a commercial bank, an investment bank and an insurance firm.
The California panel recommend parole as the woman is now older with shoulder-length gray hair, a wrinkled face and glasses and away from the risky teenager as she was when she joined the cult of Charles Manson more than 40 years ago. But the ABC interview showed either an ignorance of a major geopolitical crisis or favoritism to Russia’s incursion.
It was there Wasserman Schultz earned her reputation as a workhorse and outspoken liberal willing to spar with Republicans on television. Michael Ainsworth, then an 18-year-old recruit, and Nakia (Ken) Ware, a 23-year-old community college player who was on probation for armed robbery, were additionally charged with first-degree rape.
He made the rounds of delegation breakfasts Tuesday, drawing cheers from Floridians as he encouraged delegates to help elect Clinton, defeat Trump and stay focused on the most important issues. Patricia Krenwinkel and Watson have each been denied parole multiple times, while fellow defendant Susan Atkins died in prison in 2009.
We need a Democratic Party that is open, that’s going to bring young people and working people into it, that is going to stand up and take on the big money interests and fight for working families.
Democrats want to avoid a chaotic scene at the convention, and some predict the chairwoman could be loudly booed by Sanders supporters, who were already marching through the streets of Philadelphia.
He predicted the release of these emails, such as the almost 20,000 emails released by WikiLeaks Friday. In this one speech, he was essentially making good on a marital and political promissory note by employing the full measure of his rhetorical skills to boost his wife’s history-making week as the first woman to become a major party nominee.

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