Before you do anything, check with your venue to make sure they allow a wedding sparkler send off. You don’t need one sparkler per guest, simply because not everyone will participate your sparkler send-off. You’ll need plenty of matches, so this is when a matchbox wedding favor is an especially handy idea! If you want to dress up your wedding sparklers with a personalized tag, here’s one style that we love! And, last but not least… make sure you get plenty of photos of your wedding sparkler send-off! Here at Four Black Paws, all of our items are lovingly handmade and created custom just for you and your fur kid when you place your order. Please also note that this collar is custom made and therefore, due to the sizing, fabric patterns may vary (pattern shown in picture is a 1" width).
It is important that you take a measurement of your fur kids neck to ensure that the size that you purchase will be a good fit.
When it comes to throwing a fabulous birthday party, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of decorations to really set the scene for your guests. There is no denying that these little tissue garlands are all over the party scene right now. Take a look at our collection of  another 21 cute and fun wedding party photo poses like these for you and your bridesmaids to try! Apart from the traditional bridal party portraits, place a few of these photo pose ideas onto your must-have shot list so that your photographer captures all of the moments that you want! 8 Above Left: This precious photograph not only shows off a gorgeous portrait backed gown, but is filled with the promise of things to come. As seen on Weddings by the Breakers, with this photo courtesy of Chris Joriann Fine Art Photography, join together for a champagne toast!
Captured by Whitney Lee Photography and as seen on Offbeat Bride, use the hanging lanterns that are part of your wedding decor as props to recreate this unusual groomsmen photo pose. Take a look at this unscripted moment of joy, as described by photographer, Brad Ross, who captured this beautiful snapshot between a bride and her sister in simple black and white.
As seen on Things I Love about Weddings, this pose of  groomsmen in a not-so-serious sexy pose is sexy on another level and lots of fun for the bride to have with the groomsmen.
Whether your bridal party is large, small or non-existent, try to capture a pic like this ring photo of three generations: you, your mum and grandmother or women that have played an important role in your life.
Taken by Megan W Photography, this is a photo that will always be cherished and if framed, will make a meaningful gift for your loved ones.
This shimmering session of romantic copper, metallic and blush wedding ideas springs forth from the creative mind of photographer, Debbie Lourens. This vision of pure ethereal beauty was brought to life by the gifted Arizona wedding photographer, Jessica of  Jessica Q Photography. Get new creative ideas, gorgeous real weddings, and inspiration from Confetti Daydreams delivered right your inbox! You can make a great last impression in style with a wedding sparkler send-off, one of the hottest summer outdoor wedding trends! Make sure it’s in an open outdoor location away from anything potentially flammable or hazardous, for obvious reasons.
Check out this store as one resource, where we spotted those ever-so-popular heart-shaped wedding sparklers we’ve been seeing all over the place.

Guests will need a place to put the wedding sparklers out (and throw them away) once your send-off is over.
It’s by Mother and Daughter Creations and can be customized to coordinate with your palette. The shipment never arrived and their customer service is the worst I’ve dealt with in years. We take pride in our work and strive to not only make stunning and unique items for your furry baby, but we also strive for durability.
To do this, measure around your pet’s neck where the collar would normally sit; this is easiest to do using a soft, flexible tape measure. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, especially when it comes to finding the newest, trendiest ideas.
Take things up a notch by adding a beautiful table runner, extra sparkle with gemstones or crystals, and even some sparkler cake toppers. Have guests add their own fun photos and at the end of the party, the birthday gal will have a wonderful keepsake. If you are looking to create your own, all you need is tissue paper to match your party theme and some cord.
Above Left: This fun wedding photo idea uses popcorn instead of confetti to create a totally joyful wedding party moment.
They guys are looking good in glasses! Captured by Figlewics Photography via Confetti Daydreams. This adorable photograph of the bridesmaids rushing to the bride’s car is so sweet and fun.
Then set up this shot of a your bridal party group on the wedding morning all dressed in their bridal party gifts is cheeky and all shades of pink fun!
Captured beautifully by Pat Dy Photography and as featured on the incredible Rock ‘n Roll Bride, this is a sophisticated and sexy photo pose for you and your bridal party to try. Once the last one from your group of girlfriends has gotten hitched, recreate this moment featured on Southbound Bride and captured by Joanne Markland, where each friend wears their wedding gown one last time for a photo shoot. Captured by Maria Vicencio Photography, try this funny and creative photo pose to stage before stepping out of your dressing room to the wedding reception. As an award-winning photograph, we reckon that this is one to try even just for the fun of it! A memorable bride and maid of honor photo, as featured on Inspired by This and captured by Braedon Flynn Photography, this is the ideal shot to capture between you and your number one friend at a beach setting. Dressed in matching bridal party tshirts from Ink Box Design Boutique or your bridal attire, capture this pose of you and all of your bridesmaids lying down on the floor in a circle. Remember to check out all of our freebies such as our wedding DIY projects and  free wedding printables to help make your day extra special! Being no-fuss people, the couple wanted to keep their South African wedding minimalistic and clean: "I am in love with the clean and pure look of white.
Today we’re helping you plan a perfect wedding sparkler send-off with seven wedding sparkler mistakes to avoid.
Also, make sure it has enough room for guests to form two lines, through which you’ll walk down the center of together. Some guests will leave early, others will be snapping photos in your booth, and some will simply have run to the bathroom and precisely the wrong moment.

The best, most effective (and clean!) way to put them out is in a galvanized steel pail with sand. If you don't have one you can simply use a string or a piece of yarn and then measure that.
Follow this helpful tutorial or you can purchase one ready-made from this adorable Etsy store.
As always, stand out by wearing something  different or in a different color that will set you apart from the rest. For more photo shoot ideas, take a peek at our  22 Wedding Photo Ideas & Poses {Bridal Must Do!}, a collection of seriously crazy, sweet & super cute wedding day poses! If you keep these seven key tips in mind, your sparkler send-off will go off without a hitch… and you’ll have plenty of photos to enjoy! Think of it like the starting line up of a pro basketball game, but a million times more fun than that. Order enough sparklers for about 75% of guests in attendance, and you should have more than enough. See how long they take to light and how long they burn, and have your wedding coordinator (or ask your MOH!) to time your grand exit accordingly.
Sand will ensure the sparklers are distinguished and cooled off completely before throwing them away. Usually the wind either blows them out, rain puts them out, or they burn out before the sparkler lights. Wedding season is approaching, and we have an amazing DIY blog on checking the quality of your sparklers at home! Every collar we create is adjustable so you do not need to add any extra inches to the neck measurement that you take.
The morning began with an Asian Wedding Tea Ceremony tradition at Diana’s parent’s home which had everyone dressed in stunning traditional clothing. Wedding sparklers are a fun way to engage your guests and give your photographer an opportunity to capture some really fun, memorable shots. Place a sign on a galvanized pail so guests know where to put them, fill it at least halfway with sand, and place nearby. Instead use a windproof lighter to light the first one or two sparklers, and then use those first sparklers to light all the others.
Check out my books: The Handcrafted Wedding and The Inspired Wedding, in major bookstores nationwide. And, last but not least, an ideal location would be close to your getaway car for a seamless exit. They wanted their down-to-earth personalities to reflect in every detail of the wedding, with a somewhat 'quirky' feel.

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