Luiz from El Monte, CAEpisode 1297Luiz has a hard drive that Windows can't read and it wants to reformat it. Another option is to just buy a second hard drive that is already preformatted in FAT and then just copy them over from the other hard drive with the Mac.
Howard from Los Angeles, CAEpisode 1095Howard has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and he was shooting videos. Wally from Adrian, MIEpisode 1080Wally has a corrupted SD card and while he can get videos off it, they can't be played.
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Bernie from Lakewood, COEpisode 1033Bernie has a bunch of old slides that he transferred to DVD, and then ripped them to his Network Attached Storage, along with image files of discs (ISOs). Episode 1008Brad from Ontario, CanadaBrad wants to rip some of his favorite DVDs to his computer using Handbrake, but it isn't working. Episode 997Aaron from Los Angeles, CAAaron's wedding photographer lost half his wedding photos.
BS Player PRO is a media player that can play almost all sorts of media formats. BS Player Pro is compatible with all Windows versions and is loaded with the tools that will enhance your experience of watching videos and movies. The interface of BS Player Pro is not that mush user friendly but you can go on to change the skin of the media player at your will. BS Player Pro has the ability to find the missing codecs and install it automatically. On a conclusive note we can say that BS Player Pro is a very handy player which is not only reliable but also easy to use.

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after BS Player Pro free download. Before you start BS Player Pro free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements. Convert videos and movies for watching on iPad mini in only 3 steps: Import, Set output and Convert. Take advantage of iFunia DVD to iPhone Converter's super-fast video conversion technology with multi-threading conversion. Leo says chances are that it was formatted with Apple's file system, rather than Windows file system. Leo says that if the video file isn't complete, there's a good chance he won't be able to play it. Leo says that Brad also needs VLC Media Player, which works in concert with Handbrake to rip the DVD and get it on his computer. It is full offline installer standalone setup of BS Player Pro for 32 bit 64 bit PC version. But One of the feature of BS Player Pro is that you can take a snapshot of the movie or any other video file while playing. It's fully compatible with iPhone 5 and supports for multi-threading processors to increase the converting speed. Leo recommends copying the files off of it using a Mac and then reformat the hard drive to FAT.

There may be software that can rebuild the corrupted video, but what he really wants is to get every bit of the data off every sector. Aaron does have HD quality video of the wedding, and is wondering if he could get stills from that.
After installation is completed you are ready to watch all sorts of videos as well as can listen to the audio clip in any format as BS Player Pro supports a wide range of audio file formats. If the movies do not appear when clicked you will need to install the QuickTime player from Apple. He can just open the ISO with a Mac program like Disc Utility and then once it's mounted, he can stream it from the Mac using AirPlay.
Leo says yes he can, but he shouldn't get his hopes up that the quality of the images will match the actual photos. Note that I personally prefer VLC Player because it is enriched in codecs and supports all media file formats. You can control the playback from keyboard as well as from mouse which is a quick thing to do.

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