Silhouette Photography : If you are looking to add some colour and mystery to your photos then you can use silhouette photography. Your Local currency is for display purposes only and is calculated based on exchange rates that are updated daily. The bucket hat is an all time great design and Norse Projects Reversible Flower Bucket hat is their new take on the silhouette for SS15. If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase you can return it to us within 14 days for an exchange or refund.We are now offering FREE UK returns. Join our mailing list for all the latest information on product releases, competitions and special offers.
The best time to take silhouette photography is during dawn or dusk when the sun is a little low, you can see some magnificient colours which can add a lot of drama and mystery to photos. Subject: You don't have to really worry about choosing a subject, since this photography mostly deals with shapes and colours.

Flash: It's a good idea to turn off the flash from your automatic photos, since too much light can ruin the silhouette photography. Distinct shape: If you are trying to focus on too many subjects at one time, make sure each of the subjects are separate, with atleast a little gap, else all the subjects will tend to merge as one big blob, which is very hard to understand.
Manual Mode: A straightforward approach to begin utilizing manual mode is to take a gander at the shutter speed and aperture that it recommends in automatic mode and to begin from that point. Constructed from a 100% Linen fabric with a plan and discharge print side,it features stitched ventilation eyelets and is finished with a woven logo tab. Silhouette photography is used in many films and musical videos, to explain a story but without focusing on the characters. So if you can find some simple or objects which can be easily recognizable by the human eye, then make it your subject for photography. When you are trying to take silhouette photography of people, make sure their features like nose, chin can be seen, so viewers can understand they are human beings.

In the event that in auto mode your subject is too light (ie you have to make it darker) stop the shutter speed by one or two points to check the imapct that was created.
Silhouettes have a lot to convey through their shapes and vibrant colours, just make sure the sun is just in front of you and don't have to worry about too much light behind your subjects, this allows photographers to take interesting shots. Well if you live in a very cold place, then you can just use any other bright light for taking these tricky photos. In this post we have included 30 Brilliant silhouette photography tips and examples for your inspiration.

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