As we near the inevitable holiday season, we know that wea€™re on the verge of hearing, and eventually seeing the next-generation iPhone a€“ whatever name Apple so happens to give it. Conversely, the iPhone 5s wins us over for its premium construction, high-quality choice of materials, and easy-to-grasp frame. This is a pretty easy comparison, mainly because wea€™ve compared and contrasted the main benefits of each platform experience. I used android for years but went to apple when the 4 came out, I switched back to android and will never go apple again. I used Androids before apple and then I switched to Apple and then I started using Android.
You must be so desperate trying to turn yourself into a poor victim just because you and others here dislike anyone that tells the truth about why you people buy Android devices..
You can desperately try to negate it but both you and everyone else knows that that is the only real reason why Android exists. I see, so all of their shareholders and Wall Street hedge fund managers that trade them and journalists that look into them are deceived by their verifiable (and independently verified) revenue stats, but YOU, have the truth figured out.
Remember the old days when downloads from the App Store swamped those coming from the Android Market? Thanks to the amazing success of the Android platform, world-wide downloads from the Google Play Store during the first quarter of the year outnumbered those originating from the App Store by 45%. This is partially because very popular games such as Angry Birds series, are FREE on Android and cost money on iOS.
Well, thanks for corroborating everything I just said, Android tops Apple in app store downloads, the revenue gap is closing between the two stores, the only thing you are missing is the analysis that android will overtake iOS in revenue around 2018.
Dont fight looks like dan_amd has a brother called chojin, i bet that most of the buyers of any iphone are kids and shallow chicks that only need pretty phones, no wonder most of the users are teen with half baked brains.
Then if you really ever bought anything on Android you would have been among a tiny percentage…. And it seems really desperate all this effort put in trying to negate something that everyone knows already. If Android is such a mess why are Apple struggling to catch up and adding more and more features Andoid users are used too. Other manufacturers have focused on adding real tangible benefits and that is why the iPhone has fallen behind. Do you think the iPhone 6 will be way ahead of current smartphones either, no its format is catching up with a trend lead by Samsung and IOS with all the tweaks u mentioned mainly adding features Android has had for ages.
So you think that the difference between an 8bit CPU a 64bit one it’s only about how much RAM can be addressed ? XCode already compiles apps to native 64bit code for Apple devices with A7 and upcoming A8 64bit SoC. Current apps are written for 32 bit there is no performance benefit to those by making hardware 64 bit. As for IOS again u r still in the dream if Android is behind why us it the major update that is IOS8 is mainly taking Android features that have been there for ages. Spout all you want about Java, Linux or whatever, you only have to look objectively and you will c how right I am. Apple's iPhone 6 is expected to launch "as early as September", according to a new report from Japanese business newspaper Nikkei. Mass production of LCD panels will start as early as the April-June quarter at Sharp's Kameyama factory, Japan Display's Mobara plant, and at other facilities, according to sources. Stop buying jeans at the baby gap because you're too hipster to just wear some Levi 514s.

Next version of iOS with overhauled notifications, lock screen, Messages, Apple Music, and much more. Sharp turned to the Mitsubishi UFJ and Mizuho Financial Groups to borrow up to ?600 billion ($5 billion) and in March has to repay about $4.35 billion. According to sources, Foxconn has no plans to replace Sharp’s top management, a step meant to persuade Japanese officials worried about a foreign takeover. Sharp is responsible for supplying display panels for iPhones but had to turn to the banks to compensate its financial losses. Foxconn CEO Terry Gou already owns a 38% stake in a Sharp display facility based in Sakai, Japan. I’ve been hunting around the App Store, waiting to download optimized apps for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The 6 and Plus may both have new screen resolutions and sizes, but it’s really the Plus that goes into a whole new territory.
For anything involving typing, I can at least hook a keyboard up next to the Mini, or even type on the screen with my fingers.
When the time comes, ita€™s only natural to assume that the existing iPhone 5s will see its price lowered to make it a competitive offering in the mid-range category, which seems to be the trend if wea€™re to look at history.
However, the Sharp AQUOS Crystala€™s size is pretty manageable on its own a€“ rivaling that of the iPhone 5sa€™ slim size and lightweight feel.
At the core of it all, iOS has the simpler and more intuitive flow, which makes it easy for first-time users to learn from the get-go. At the very least this will probably be used for easy pairing (tap-to-pair) between your iWatch and iPhone 6, but it would be pretty neat if you could pay for your bus or train ride by tapping your watch against the contactless payment reader. That is the only real reason why the majority of people buy Android smartphones and tablets. It’s a nightmare for any developer that would want to write apps and games properly and support the largest number of customers on Android. For your information, I am studying two programming languages and when I graduate High School, I plan to become a game developer and computer scientist.
Since when telling “you have no clue” to anyone about something ever became an insult? In the previous quarter, downloads from the Google Play Store had topped downloads from the App Store by 35%. But if it says something good about Apple, it’s obviously true and not Apple paying them is it?
Do you seriously think that the number of bits per clock it’s all about addressing more RAM ? Bigger, much better screens that make the iPhones tiny low res one look like a toy (remember all the fuss about a certain Retina screen when Apple bought it out so credit when others have surpassed that and more). Why is it that Android can do everything IOS can do, most of the time better, but IOS cannot do many things Andoid can.
Sharp and its lenders hope to decide which offer they take by February 4, when the company is set to announce its latest quarterly earnings. Due to lower than expected Chinese demand for smartphone displays, the manufacturer continued to lose money, and in the most recent half-year result Sharp reported an operating loss of ?25.2 billion ($210 million). Samsung’s Note phones, mega-screened 5-inch plus devices everywhere, and now the iPhone 6 Plus. Now that the Sharp AQUOS Crystal has been announced, this edgeless display packing smartphone is already winning us over with its tempting price point.DesignStaring at the two, therea€™s no denying the strong attraction our eyes are feeling with the Sharp AQUOS Crystal. Considering that therea€™s a whole 1-inch difference in their display sizes, ita€™s pretty amazing that the Sharp AQUOS Crystal is just marginally larger.DisplayReading into the specs, the Sharp AQUOS Crystal sports the higher resolution between the two a€“ 720 x 1280 pixels versus the 640 x 1136 resolution of the iPhone 5sa€™ Retina display.

Furthermore, Apple will also reveal its first new product since Tim Cook took the helm from Steve Jobs three years ago: the iWatch.
It’s far from anything like Windows with its APIs and HAL allowing different hardware to work properly. If someone is ignorant on something or anything that is not an insult, it’s just stating a fact. Especially considering that the android app store has eclipsed Apple’s in terms of downloads and is closing in revenues.
I prefer being able to swap batteries when one dies, I prefer not paying 2X what a device is worth to have a partially eaten fruit logo on the back. Other manufacturers are selling low quality messed up Android devices lacking proper support that lose value in a few months because they release too many devices each of them every year. The new handset's display resolution is expected to be significantly higher than that of current models. But for full-page documents, Web browsing like a computer, and illustrated books, you want 4:3. Quite simply, its edgeless display is an instant attention grabber over everything else a€“ ita€™s just different, you know? Even though Sharpa€™s offering bests the iPhone 5s in this area, the 5-inch size of the Crystala€™s display gives it a lower pixel density count of 294 ppi, which is a smidgen beneath the 326 ppi figure of the 4-inch sized Retinal display.Regardless, we can proclaim that the two are sharp and detailed enough, especially from a normal viewing distance a€“ making it tough to even distinguish the slight superiority of the iPhone 5s on paper.
If you use one or the other, you are probably missing some great technology and user experience. Android now, even though fragmented, is way better than what it used to be and it’s even that much of a problem. Since the screen is smaller but the resolution’s the same as the Air, they even look a little crisper. For staying connected all the time via your own phone’s data service, taking photos, reading news or checking messages, a larger phone could handle a lot of my needs.
Positioned as a mid-ranger, its mostly plastic construction might not be thought as highly quality, but its hard-lined design cues give it a stylish and distinctive look. Other lovable qualities between the two displays are present, like their crisp viewing angles, potent brightness output, and superb color production. Curiously the NYT piece doesn’t mention whether the iPhone 6 will have a sapphire glass front. A game called Dead Trigger, on both Android and iOS was severely pirated, Android at 90% and iOS at 87%.
They must have thought that claiming such a percentage would have allowed them to sell more copies with people checking it out of curiosity….
But I don’t think a larger phone, right now, would do anything that an iPad does better. The iWatch will have a sapphire glass front, but the iPhone 6 might not.At roughly the same time every year, Apple performs an unofficial official leak to one of the big US newspapers. On paper, it looks less aggressive, but we have to point out that ita€™s based on 64-bit architecture a€“ and in our own experience, we know ita€™s more than capable of handling the most intensive of operations.Unfortunately, Sharpa€™s new smartphone is only packing a measly 8GB of internal storage, which is well below the average nowadays. Historically it has usually been the Wall Street Journal, but this year it’s the New York Times.
You can get the same hardware or BETTER than an iPhones hardware for a phone that costs $349 UNLOCKED.

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