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Toner Laser Cartridge (TLC), is your discount source for a wide range of consumables and supplies for today's top Copiers, Fax Machines and Printers. All Trademarks and; Logos of the products depicted or referenced on this site are the property of their respective owners. Learn how to take great photos of water drops without any special equipment other than your DSLR in this guest post by Jeff Cable (follow him on Facebook for lots of photography tips).  Jeff was kind enough to offer to step in and send this guest post while I am trying to put things back together after moving my family from Southwest Florida to Boise, Idaho this last week.  Enjoy the post! The end results are really cool, but it took hundreds of shotsand trial and error before I finally got some keepers. I found that the best way to get consistent water drops in the same spot was to fill a plastic baggie with water a few feet above the bowl and then simply poke a small hole in the bag so it dropped one little drop at a time into the bowl.  Sometimes I would catch one drop of water coming down and other times I caught more than one drop in the picture. About the AuthorJim Harmer Facebook Twitter Google+Jim Harmer is the founder of Improve Photography, and host of the popular Improve Photography Podcast.
The pictures posted here are awesome.I have been experimenting on water drop photography and smoke art for about a year now. I have tried this many time but got blurred pics, now I have my new Canon 550D with 18 megapixel. Be warned it might make you obsessed with shooting with dronesI was dying to work with him and after many tries I was fortunate enough to bring Anthony onto our GE WORKS ‘JUICE TRAIN’ shoot. Anthony’s rig was so efficient he was able to leave it built in the back of the rental car and launch at a moments notice. I recommend to use a long shutter speed, a steady tripod and grab yourself a nifty little tool called the shutter release cable. The auto exposure bracketing method is a fantastic way to work out what settings are exposing your scene perfectly.
There have been some times when I have used this method and found that the photo which are much light was actually the perfect exposure.

She teaches enthusiast photographers how to take beautiful, professional photos in easy, plain English. To keep homes and offices printing smoothly and efficiently, we carry an extensive line of toner cartridges, ink cartridges and drum cartridges from top companies such as Canon, HP, Xerox and Sharp.
With that in mind, I set out to try something new by shooting drops of water falling into a bowl of water. I took almost a thousand images with my Canon 5D Mark II in burst mode, hoping to get the water droplets with perfect beads of water that are frozen in time. In others, I had the drops of water but they were not properly lit or the photos were not in sharp focus.
The colors that you seen in the water are simply reflections of the flowers and leaves from the plant.  Simple!
It looks like I used color additives or Adobe Photoshop, but a reflection is all that was needed. In the above video you can see some of Anthony’s first test footage of his new rig as well as Behind the scene footage of the Canon EOS C300 and Sony FS700 being prepared for take off. I honestly don’t believe the scale and scope of the video would have been as impressive without the intro and outro shot that he was able to contribute.At that time there were a few limitations to his rig was a limited weight range (a FS100 with light weight lens would be close to maxing it out) and no follow focus. If you have a good camera and a good lens and you are still not getting sharp images then you will have to sharpen your images in photo shop or light room.
She has a monthly photography emagazine and ebooks to help you create stunning images every time. We've got plenty of Lexmark toner cartridges and Lexmark ink cartridges for any printing project. After seeing a very cool image of a water drop that was posted by another photographer, I thought that I should give this a try.
You need a shutter release cable so that you can activate the shutter speed without touching the camera.

A steady tripod is very important because it will hold your camera firm in the one position.
This is why landscape photography professionals always use an aperture of F 22, all smaller, to be able to get sharp photos. In this picture, the ripples were caused by a drop which had hit right before, and then this drop was just about to impact the same spot. To fly these larger cameras, Jacob’s would have to incorporate functionality such as follow focus and full 3-axis control and stabilization that can be found on the larger full-size professional equipment. Unfortunately there aren’t many option for ultra lightweight FF systems design for RC copter use therefore Jacobs sought the help of Anthony Lenzo of Air Sea Land (ASL) a production company that has been servicing the broadcast and film market since 1994. You can also open your shutter for only a couple of seconds depending on how much light you have. ASL specializes in High Definition productions, Underwater Cinematography, and Jimmy Jib camera crane services and rentals.ASL President, Anthony S. Lenzo has been a consultant on the design of several underwater camera housings for HD systems. The Paralinx Arrow wireless video transmitter work well over short distances but once we ascended beyond 45 meters or so our signal would become very unreliable. To find out more about Anthony Lenzo and his team at ASL check out their website.The 1DC DRONE FIRST FLIGHT video was shot by Anthony Jacobs and Anthony Lenzo.

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