Creates a safer environment in our school that encourages positive behavior and interactions. Then one day at a rummage sale I spotted a food dehydrator for just $5 still in the original box and it looked brand new. Getting back to my first $5 rummage sale dehydrator, with my first dehydrator I started learning how to dry all kinds of fruits and vegetables. If your peaches are perfectly ripe, you can probably peel them fairly easily with a sharp knife. It’s important to keep the slices the same thickness so they are will dry at the same rate. I’ve found it easier to take the time to get them the same thickness so the peaches all dry at the same rate. As I have enough peach slices for a dehydrator tray, I add them to it and place the tray into the dehydrator. If you are concerned about the peaches turning brown while dehydrating you can soak them in a salt solution, lemon juice solution, or soak them in a presoak of Fruit Fresh.
Once the trays are removed from the oven or dehydrator you want to fully cool the dried peaches before adding them to storage containers.
That’s how I dry peaches each year so we can enjoy that great in season peach taste at other times of the year too. The peaches in our area are not very good compared with the ones I grew up eating in California.
Grown for the colourful flowers and sweet fragrance carnation plants are popular both as cut flowers and in the garden border. Specialist nurseries offer many varieties and strains for sale, including the late flowering Marguerite, long stemmed and spray carnations, perpetual and Malmaison, as well as border carnations and pinks.
Carnations can be grown in the border or in containers and are actually fairly easy given the right conditions. All carnations require a sunny position and a free draining humus rich soil, they also require protection from slugs and frost when young. In autumn it is time to take cuttings from carnations, pinks and dianthus which are all the same family. They should strike within a month, do not disturb and keep moist until new growth appears strong. Usually grown from rooted cuttings purchased in January, try not to over pot when young, carnations like most plants resent over potting. Start with a 3" pot and wait until the root system is fully developed before potting up.
The trick to producing lots of flowers is called 'stopping' this is simply pinching back the young growth to encourage the plant to send up lots of shoots instead of one tall leader. Commence this 'stopping' when plants are at around 6 - 8 inches tall and continue until you have a nice bushy habit.

Be a little careful not to pinch back to often, it takes around 8 weeks for a bud to form after pinching back, so otherwise no flower buds will form.
If you are looking at producing 'Show quality blooms' the pinching back is a little more complicated.
We like to fertilise when we water, we use a seaweed based liquid fertiliser, and a some slow release fertiliser as well. Southern flying squirrels are the smallest of the tree squirrels and the only nocturnal species. Southern flying squirrels inhabit woodlots and forests of dense or mixed conifer and deciduous trees. Southern flying squirrels become pests only when they take up residence in an attic where they can cause a noticeable odor and damage with their urine.
They taste so good and you don’t have to worry about them being spongy inside, like some of out of season peaches. They were a great snack but when you look at the preservatives on them, it will make you run away from them. It was a fabulous find, like the all leather purse I found brand new at a yard with the $100 price tag still on it for $5. It works much better than my first dehydrator because the fan is in the back blows the air evenly over each of the trays. The screen mesh on the trays is flexible, which makes removing the dried fruit so much easier, than pulling it off the fixed ridge trays of my first dehydrator. The freestone peaches are so much easier to remove from the pit, making this whole process easier. If the peaches are hard the flavor won’t be very good and overripe peaches can end up spongy and not dehydrate as well. To use this method, put a pan of water on the stove and bring it to a boil and place one to three peaches in the water at a time. As soon as you see the skins split, remove the peach from the pan of boiling water and place in a bowl of ice water and let cool.
But when you boil the peaches to remove the skin, the peaches have fewer cut marks in them and are a little prettier.
Once the peaches are halved I turn them cut side down and slice the peach slices into the same thickness.
If some are too thick and some are too thin, the thin ones will dry faster and you’ll have to remove those and keep drying the rest.
If you used the oven method of drying, let your trays set overnight before packaging the peaches. If you own an Excalibur you can pull the corners of the mesh tray and bring into a circle to help release the peaches.
The Perpetual, Spray and the wonderful fragrant, but difficult to find Malmaison types are often grown in containers and usually in a greenhouse.

Plant supports can be fashioned from wire and timber stakes, or you can buy flower supports from good garden centres.
You can them leave the plants to flower, or continue pinching back a few stems every week or two to promote a more staggered flowering seasons.
They stretch out their legs, spreading the fold of skin between the front and hind legs, to form a kind of parachute that lets them glide from branch to branch.
They are also known to be the most carnivorous of the group, feeding primarily on nuts and seeds, but also on insects and bird eggs.
In preparation for the colder months, some of the food is stored in the nest chamber, while the rest is hoarded in tree crotches.
These species favor dead trees with numerous woodpecker holes for nesting, especially in stumps and those near the top. I love dried peaches to snack on, they are just like candy and they are also great in oatmeal and cooked desserts. If you end up with cling peaches, don’t worry you’ll just need to cut the slices off the pit. Also if you’ll be rehydrating them to use in cooking you won’t have any tough peach skins coming off in the dish. I sometimes splurge and pay for the ones imported from CA, but they are rather pricey, so that’s a rare treat. It reminds me of an old Seinfeld show about Macintosh peaches being so great from the west coast. They will also use the attics of buildings as shelter and den in larger groups during the winter months. Athens area homes with flyer colonies often have chewed electrical wires which, if gone unnoticed, can a fire hazard.
If you’ve never dehydrated peaches, it’s an easy process this is how to dry peaches at home.
I don’t ever bother to presoak mine but I wanted to add this tip just in case you didn’t want your peaches turning brown.
It usually takes around 6-24 hours to dehydrate peaches in my dehydrators depending on thickness. Leave the oven door slightly ajar and let the peaches dry for about 6-8 hours or until no moisture pockets remain.

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