For thousands of years, artists have used self-portraiture as a means of perfecting their technique. Today, photographers world-wide are stepping out from behind the camera, and placing themselves in front of the lens. Each of the photographers whose work is featured in this post has their own unique way of expressing themselves in front of the camera.
Very interesting article, I put one of mine with greetings from Brittany and happy new year in advance ! Thank you all for your comments, there are some absolutely fantastic photographers featured here and I'm quite humbled to be a part of it.
Here is 30+ Beautiful Self Portraits by Different Female Digital Artists that will inspire you.Enjoy this beautiful art collection.
Showing emotions and making your design look beautiful is a tough job and it becomes very difficult when you are designing yourself, in above portraits artist have shown the best portrayal of themselves. Join Over 120,000 Aspiring and Professional Graphic Designers who receive weekly tips and Freebies! Ironically enough, one of the most difficult pictures a photographer can take is a self-portrait. That being said, there are a few little tips you can work into your next self-portrait shoot that will make the process much, much easier. These days just about every SLR camera now has a delay timer which can come in very handy when taking a self portrait. A remote shutter release will allow you to activate your shutter without having your finger on the trigger. They come in price ranges starting at about $30 and can go up to around $50 for wireless releases, or you can try building one yourself if you're tech savvy.
Unless you're at a level where you can measure the distance from your lens to a target and set your focus accordingly, you're going to need a stand-in to make sure your camera focuses in the right spot. For someone sitting in, a patient friend who is roughly your height will usually work fine, or you can position an object in the same position and height as where you'll be.
This doesn't mean you can't take flattering pictures of yourself, but just consider the technical perspective instead of just considering the most complementary one.

The best strategy here is to set your camera to full-manual; this will allow you to purposefully modify every photograph you take without being at the mercy of what the camera's internal sensors decide is right. When it comes to using lights, you can use natural light, desk lights, floor lamps and even your camera's flash to create the lighting that you want. Just like with other types of portraiture, taking your self portrait requires a bit of creativity and thought. Try using props like costumes or dynamic lighting and interesting backgrounds that will help make your self portrait stand out.
So, have fun taking your self portrait as it can be a fun break from the demands of other portraits. From ancient cavemen, to the classical masters, to Salvador Dali in the 20th century, artists have looked to self-portraiture not only to discover new aspects of their artform, but also as a means of self-discovery. I like the one with all the shoes in the street, and the macro shot of the person's eye and the butterfly. I tend to be more drawn to the close-up self-portraits- which is why I welcome even more the entire string with its different approaches.
It is the ultimate means of self-analysis, presenting an opportunity for self-reflection, self-expression and self-promotion.This article a collection of some beautiful pieces of digital artwork in the form of self portraits by different female artists collected from deviantArt. Hope you loved this selection of portraits and feel free to comment & share your own work we will include it in next sequel of the post. The way the mirror frame you and also the fact that it's not just a normal self-portrait in a mirror.A nice and clear image and the black and white REALLY works for you. With self portraits you don't have the advantage of looking through the lens and carefully composing your image, so it can be real tricky to get it right. This delayed timer will give you between 5-10 seconds (depending upon the camera) to push the timer and to run into the picture area just before the shutter releases.
They come in many varieties (including wireless) and work with most newer cameras and are the best option for taking serious photographs of yourself.
One of the toughest part of self portraits is focusing, so you make need to take a few shots to get it right. It can be tempting in self-portraiture to only shoot images that show us in a positive light, but in all circumstances the integrity of the final image should take precedence over our sensitivity.

If the image tells the story you wanted to tell, whether or not you look "good" in it is secondary. If you have someone stand in for you, they will likely not have the same skin tone as you, so you will need to make adjustments throughout the shoot to get your ideal lighting. Don't be afraid to spend a couple of hours on your shoot; messing with the little details can be one of the most fun parts of self-portraiture. Think of ways that you can present yourself that are outside the norm of "person in a picture," and try to have as much fun as possible in the process. With self portraits, there are no pressing deadlines so take as much time as you need to get it right. Shop online and see our selection of stylish picture frames in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles.
Some take a more natural approach to post-processing, whereas others take a more conceptual route. Contributors to this site agree to grant an exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, perpetual licence to publicly display submissions on this web site and in any publication produced by this web site.
In fact, because the only person you have to deal with is you, the only limit on your self-portrait shoot is your own imagination. Visit our website and see our selection of gorgeous silver plated picture frames and sweet heart picture frames online or call 800-780-0699.
The product will still cost you the same as if you went direct, and the commission helps pay for running this site.
Whether you consider yourself an amatuer, or a full-blown artistic self-portrait photographer, these self-portraits are sure to inspire you to step in front of the lens.

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