Below you will be able to download the full size image of this photo in high quality for free, enjoy! The upcoming smartphone app sees players using real geological locations to find Pokemon, in-game. In Pokemon GO, players around the globe will explore their surroundings to find and catch wild Pokemon hiding in our midst. As players progress through Pokemon GO, their Trainer level will increase, enabling them to capture more-powerful Pokemon and gain access to more items. During gameplay, Pokemon GO players will be encouraged to join one of three teams and engage in Gym battles with other teams.
With real-life surroundings providing a backdrop for encounters with wild Pokemon, this unique Pokemon game represents the next generation of Niantic’s “Real World” gaming platform, which combines mobile location technology and Augmented Reality to create a gaming experience that motivates players to go outside and explore the world around them.
Pokemon GO is set to release sometime later this year worldwide, for iOS and Android devices. MacRumors reported on the alteration, and notes that the YouTube app’s new UI also included an updated in-app video player. Apps aside, Google is also said to be working on bringing iPhone compatibility to its Android Wear platform, though if this is the case, Google’s wearables face stiff competition from the Apple Watch.
Having released the first gameplay footage, and having announced that the game is coming to E3 2015, Capcom has also dropped a batch of hot screens for Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster. Today at a special event in San Francisco, Apple introduced the iPhone 5 with a taller screen that stretches to 4 inches.
You can Pre-order the iPhone 5 beginning September 14th and it ships on September 21 in 9 countries and 22 more on the 28th. There are 5 rows of icons now, instead of four, as the screen has been elongated vertically with 176 rows of pixels. During the assembly process, each iPhone 5 aluminum housing is photographed by two high-powered 29MP cameras.
All of the apps in Apple’s iLife suite have been updated to take advantage of the new screen and developers can ship their current apps without any changes. The screen has 44% more color saturation and supports the full sRGB color space. “It’s now the most accurate display in the industry,” said Schiller. The new A6 processor in the iPhone 5 features 2x faster CPU and 2X faster graphics capabilities. The battery life of the new iPhone 5 has not been affected by the beefier capabilities, says Schiller. The camera in the iPhone 5 has an 8 megapixel sensor, is backside illuminated and has a five-element f2.4 aperture hybrid IR filtered lens.
The lens cover is ‘sapphire crystal’, which Schiller sais aids in image capture quality and protection. The new image processing chip,  in the iPhone 5 features spatial noise reduction and a smart filter which reduces noise algorithmically.

The camera also features a built-in panoramic mode which can shoot up to a 28 megapixel still image stitched together out of a bunch of captures. New video features include improved stabilization, video face detection for up to 10 faces and the ability to take still photos as you record.
The audio capabilities of the new phone have gotten a nice boost as well, with 3 microphones for noise cancellation and wideband audio support.
Phone 5 introduces new enhanced audio features including a new beam-forming, directional microphone system for higher quality sound, it also includes support for cellular wideband audio which should improve clarity and more natural sounding speech. Apple is also upgrading the Dock Connector for the first time ever, with a new system it calls Lightning. The pricing of the iPhone 5 stays the same, and it is available for pre-order immediately in 9 countries, with more available on the 28th. The initial countries are US, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, with 22 more following on the 28th including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The release of the new iPhone today follows a typically hot period of speculation on behalf of the tech press and enthusiasts about the new model and its capabilities. The general look and some of the features had recent affirmation in the form of a post by Rene Ritchie of iMore. The iPhone has become the most important announcement that Apple makes each year, as the device now provides over 60% of the company’s revenue every year, far eclipsing its Mac business. The new iPhone was expected to have LTE due to multiple leaks surrounding battery life, anonymous sources and a late leak of a possible PCB board containing a Qualcomm communication chip that is capable of LTE. Some wild Pokemon appear only in their native environments; for example, Water-type Pokemon may only appear near lakes and oceans. Once they have joined a team, players will have the ability to assign their Pokemon to empty Gyms. Same crap happened with the DQ ports as well, playing games shouldn’t feel like I’m about to open up my email dammit! Soon after the change appeared, though, it disappeared from the application, and as of this writing the YouTube iOS app remains unchanged.
The application offers family friendly, age-appropriate content for youngsters, and it’s a universal title that can be downloaded free of charge. In fact, if the results of a recent data sample are anything to go by, preorders for Cupertino’s smartwatch in the United States alone have already eclipsed the sales of all Android Wear decides to date. The new device also features LTE connectivity with a single chip that works in many countries worldwide. The black version has a black anodized back and a raw aluminum back graces the white version.
The new screen on iPhone 5 is 4 inches with dimensions of 1136 by 640 pixels at a 16 x 9 aspect ratio.

There were several apps shown during the demo, like CNN and OpenTable, which showed off the use of the larger screen real-estate.
They will be centered on the screen and letterboxed on the sides until developers can update them with compatibility.
The touch sensor is now built completely into the display using ‘in-cell’ technology, allowing the device to be thinner. The carriers available include 6 carriers in Canada, KDDI, KT, SK Telecom and more in Asia, T-Mobile Germany and Everything Everywhere in the UK and, of course, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in the US. It’s 80% smaller than the older connector and Apple has partnered with Bose, JBL, B&W, Bang and Olufsen and a bunch more to produce accessories for it. The leaks of parts including the back plate, front glass and many internal components allowed people to piece together a relatively accurate picture of the device in the weeks leading up to the event. Ritchie’s sources were the first to nail down the September 12th date for the event, a report which turned out to be accurate. The logistics of how Apple would implement it were brought up by an anonymous caller to The Verge’s podcast and then reproduced on its forums. The curve in the Comscore chart below displays just how dramatically the iPhone has become an essential component of Apple’s success each year.
As players explore the world around them, their phones will vibrate to let them know a Pokemon is nearby.
Pokemon Eggs, which can be found at PokeStops, will hatch after players walk a certain distance. Like PokeStops, Gyms can be found at real locations in the world, and because only one Pokemon per player can be placed at a given Gym, team members will need to work together to build a strong defense. It’s got an all digital, 8-signal design, adaptive interface, improved durability, and it’s reversible, so you can stick it in any way you want.
Not since the complete leak of a prototype iPhone 4 has such a detailed composite image resolved this early. Once they have encountered a Pokemon, it can be caught by using the phone’s touch screen to throw a Poke Ball. Players will be able to impress their friends by unlocking achievement medals that are earned by completing a variety of challenges. Poke Balls and other special items can be found at PokeStops located at interesting places such as public art installations, historical markers and monuments.

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