Can anyone out there tell me how to do a screen capture in Windows with a Mac keyboard plugged in? I've got a brand new Apple extended keyboard connected to a DELL laptop running Windows 7 64-bit. You can easily change CMD and ALT button to match regular windows keyboard layout if you wanted also. The problem, how do you take a screenshot of websites, online images, or anything on your screen.
When you do this, the Windows XP on-screen keyboard will appear on your screen as with the image shown. Now you are ready to manipulate the image in Photoshop and save it in your files for any purpose you want. In case you are using only one monitor and you need a shot of the entire screen, this method may not be effective as it shows the Onscreen Keyboard everytime. If you have an Intel Mac and have a need (or want) to use more than OS X you definitely need to take a look at Parallels. Over the last 6 months I've gotten heavily into doing web development with newer technologies like Ajax, DHTML, grid control, and more. So with that in mind, today I figured I'd try Windows running on OS X in Parallels to give myself a one-machine solution for cross-browser testing. To my suprise, when I got back from dinner there was a fresh Windows install up and waiting for me on my Mac. Could it be possible that Windows on my Intel Mac actually runs faster than on my Windows laptop.

The second integration thing I noticed is that each running Windows programs shows up as a separate entry on my Mac dock. Parallels had me feeling good about the cost of a license for the ability to run a text-based Linux OS, but the way Windows runs really makes the software worth it's price. I have my Mac keyboard and mighty mouse plugged into a KVM switch that controls both my MacbookPro and my WinXP desktop.
And because there is no actual official use with F13-F19 button in Win, why do not map those to some useful funtions. Under the Start menu, select All Programs, then Accessories, then Accessibility, and then On-Screen Keyboard. Make sure though that you place the online keyboard in a place where it doesn’t block the image you want to copy, or if using two monitors it is handy to transfer it to the other screen. Up until today I've used it for running my development environment for work (Red Hat Linux).
These web technologies require good testing across multiple browsers on multiple operating systems. This is hard to describe, but in all other virtualization software I've run you have to choose to either be in one or the other by some click or keystroke. So when I'm looking at the dock or Apple-tabbing through applications each Windows program has an entry and I can quickly switch to a specific program running inside Windows, even if I'm currently working in a program on OS X. I'm having a terrible time trying to do certain things that require those extra keys like insert and print screen. The PSC key is located where the the f13 key is on the Mac keyboard, only ┬áit doesn’t do the job.

It has worked very well, over the last year the Parallels software has gotten better and better at the small things like UI, networking, sleeping and waking up and more. I had been using my Windows laptop but sometimes it's not readily available (like if I'm at a conference and only brought the Mac). Can you believe I can get from the machine being Off to starting up and launching Internet Explorer in 16 seconds? On Parallels, when you move over the Windows box the mouse interacts with the UI for Windows. The Windows laptop is about a year old (Dell) and has pretty decent specs but even with just Firefox and IE running it has periods of really frustrating slowness. Sometimes it is difficult to run Windows on a computer designed for it, let alone through a piece of software on a Mac. I figured that even if Windows ran slower on my Mac that then I'd have it everywhere I travelled, and wouldn't have to switch back and forth between machines.
It helps productivity a lot when going between coding and testing because it cuts out most of the clunkiness and frustration of trying to remember to hit a special key combination to move between OSs.

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