Many of our clients are involved in television production, or in the case of PlaySportsTV, are a complete online video network. Open your favorite image editing program (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, GIMP, etc), create a new document and then save the image as a JPG file. ABOUT USConcepcion Design focuses on the design and development of a broad range of media and applications focused on the latest Web strategies and online video networks. We take pride in being a small team of designers and developers that take real time to understand our clients' needs and implement effective solutions. First, you will need a USB-C to USB-A (or if you have the new MacBook, USB-C to USB-C) cord.
Before you start: Make sure you have a USB-C cable to connect to Apple TV unit your computer.
I recommend using old-style Apple TV remote — you probably have a bunch already on hand. Just plug in your new Siri remote to charge somewhere with a lightning cable and get down to real work with an older remote.
Originally, I set up my system to pass through an HDMI converter and then into Elgato’s EyeTV HD. Most modern monitors (assuming you’re not working on an iMac) provide multiple HDMI-in ports.
Connecting to a spare HDMI port on your monitor allows you to switch over to full-screen TV mode if you’d like.
Restore your device in iTunes. It helps to download the new firmware and put your device into recovery mode.
At some point (after about 4-6 clicks or so), your iOS device will ask you if you want to set up your Apple TV because you’ve chosen to set up using a device.
Move your cursor away from the QuickTime screen to view the content without the QuickTime overlays shown in this screenshot.
Here’s a step-by-step Apple TV 4 guide on how to take a screenshot and record a video of the screen on your new Apple TV with tvOS. Apple’s new Apple TV set-top box is packed full of new goodies for consumers to sink their teeth into. There’s even a new operating system called tvOS and a full curated Apple TV App Store.

Step 2: When Xcode is installed, connect the Apple TV to your computer via a USB-C to USB cable. Step 3: When QuickTime is launched, select File from the top menu, then select New Movie Recording.
Ever since Vista (IIRC, maybe 7) the "Snipping Tool" has been able to capture screenshots of desktop, selection or active window. In the wake of the Census debacle that happened this week, there's been a lot of finger-pointing as to who was to blame.
In April, Carhood, a company that lets you park your car at near an airport for free by lending your car out while you're away, launched in Melbourne.
Now, once you’re in those editing programs you can resize the image, tweak the colors, etc. We serve clients of all sizes - individuals, non-profit organizations, mid-sized companies and major television networks.
They allow you to take a picture of whats on your screen, and can be helpful for making tutorials, capturing glitches, and taking pictures of high scores. If you don’t have Xcode, you could also quickly record your screen in QuickTime Player, and then take a screenshot of the video afterwards. Setup goes smoother with these, and they’re ready to use without charging and pairing. If available, you can use these during Apple TV set-up to see what’s going on onscreen. I should note, however, that from a consumer point of view, the 4th gen model is still greatly lacking in usability. Take screenshots and respond on your remote to each step, which will include enabling location services (why not?), enabling Siri (do it!), enabling the screensaver (lots of bandwidth), sending diagnostics (yes), sending analytics (your call), agreeing to terms and conditions (you gotta).
I set my new Apple TV up connected to my television then added the HDMI adapter you recommended. There are only a few steps involved in the process, but it does involve installing additional tools from the Mac App Store. The capture button below the box will take a screenshot of the selected area and place it in an oCam folder inside of My Documents. If you need something similar for Mac OS X, be sure to check out previously-mentioned Screeny.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has put the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and IBM, the company hosting and managing the Census website, on notice, expressing his disappointment over Tuesday's website meltdown. Now, the service has expanded to Sydney Airport and Carhood has partnered with Ford to provide additional rental cars and incentives for Ford car owners.
On iOS, it’s super easy: just press the home and power button at the same time, and your screen will be added to your camera roll.
Every time I click my remote, I’d have to wait for a full second before I could see the result of that interaction.
It takes several steps to get this set up properly but feeding your Apple TV through QuickTime Player not only lets you skip extra monitors on your desk, it enables you to take screenshots and record usage videos. Consider using your display’s picture-in-picture features to multi-share your screen. I keep a 2nd gen next to my 4th gen and use it to watch movies because the 4th gen just isn’t up to the task. I can take screen shots in Xcode but the device doesn’t appear in Quicktime Player as you suggest it should. There’s the new Siri remote that not only looks fantastic, but also brings voice support to certain parts of the Apple TV experience.
If you need to do some tech support for relatives, the record button will start recording a screencast within the green box, and you can choose from a variety of video codecs. It supports copy-pasting (to, say, Paint), saving as a PNG and even scribbling or highlighting on the screenshot itself. Well, he's going to be even more disappointed today as the Census website went down again last night. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to shift back and forth in the timeline, frame by frame.
I’m familiar with this method to record videos from my iOS devices so know how it should work. It's looking more likely that IBM will be shouldering the majority of the blame for the Census disaster.

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