This will change your cursor into an axis, and will allow you to select an area on your screen that you would like to take a picture of. When you click on the space bar in addition to command shift 4, you have the opportunity to select a window.
Capture the whole screen : To capture the full screen you need to press Windows button+Print screen. Capture single window : Before taking the screenshot of the single window make sure that it is active and then capture it by pressing Alt+Print Screen keys. To save the clipboard image you need to paste into the graphics application or the word processor, but in Windows 8 there is an simple image manipulation program paint, which can be easily accessed. Open t he paint and simply press CTRL+V to paste the image from the clipboard into the paint.
The main limitation with the snipping tools is it works only on the desktop and to take the screenshots of the Metro apps and the start screen you need to use the above method. Peter, the most experienced in The Tech Bulletin team is a professional blogger and interested in reviewing the gadgets, giving solutions for technical queries.
Whenever you have to take a screenshot on your PC, you press Print Screen key on your keyboard. In other mobiles you may need the help of third party apps to take screenshot, but in iPhone and iPad you don't have to take the help of third party apps.
In the Leopard operating system and later, Command-Shift-4 or Command-Control-Shift-4 keys can be held down while selecting an area to take a screenshot of.
Instead of using the keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot, it can be done by using the Grab application included with Mac OS X. In Mac OS X 10.4, the Preview application can also be used to take screenshots, by using the Grab submenu in the File menu.
SnapNDrag also a popular choice with several features in addition to those offered by the default screen capture tools. Microsoft’s decision to create a version of Windows that’s at home on laptops, tablets and 2-in-1s revolutionized the way millions of Windows users do everything from write messages to their friends to implying opening new apps and programs.
As Windows 8 now powers a horde of new form factors, it’s taking screenshots on devices that aren’t traditionally thought of as PCs that will likely confuse users the most.

To capture a screenshot with a Windows tablet or convertible that has hardware buttons place your finger on the Windows button and the Volume Down button at the same time.
Owners of Microsoft’s Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 convertibles are slightly at a disadvantage.
To take a screenshot on a Surface device with a Type or Touch Cover press the FN key, Windows Key and space bar all at the same time. Now navigate to the place you’d like to save that screenshot and hold down the CTRL and V keys on your keyboard. One of the easiest ways to take screenshots in Windows is by using the Snipping Tool that every Windows operating system except Windows Vista Home Basic came equipped with.
On your Windows 7, Window Vista or Windows 8 PC go to the Start Menu and type Snipping Tool into the search box.
Now select the type of screenshot you’d like to take from the Snipping Tool’s drop-down menu labeled New. Your cursor changes into a camera icon and you simply click on the open window you’d like to take a picture of. If your dock is visible, it will show up as an option to highlight when using the Select Window screenshot method. Windows 8 makes it easier to take the screenshots and it has introduced the improvements to the way it takes the screenshots.
After pressing the screen will be darken for a second which gives you the visual cue of the screenshot that has been taken. Unlike taking the screenshots of the whole screen there won’t be any visual cue and the image will be saved to the clipboard only.
It is very handy and versatile tool which offers the more options than the above said method. Screenshot becomes very helpful in certain conditions, like when you have to ask question you can take help of screenshot to explain.
You will also hear the shutter noise of camera and your screen will flash white for a split second. In Mac OS X there are a few keyboard shortcuts for saving images, these commands are processed by the SystemUIServer.

Correctly embracing that change meant Windows needed to evolve and add multiple ways of doing the most common of those things. While nearly every other external keyboard offers the ability for users to take screenshots by just pressing the function and PRINTSCRN keys, Microsoft’s Surface Touch Cover and Surface Type Cover don’t have one.
When taking screenshots its important to remember to not have any sensitive data, like your passwords or usernames, on your screen. On a PC you, be better off downloading one of the various screen capture utilities that can do more than capturing the entire screen. When moving the camera icon, you will see the highlighted area in blue will be the delivered screenshot. Take screenshots in Windows 8: there are multiple ways to do them and all are slightly better depending on which Windows 8 device a user is running.
Press the ESC key to switch back to your regular cursor if you do not want to take a picture. If you simply hit the Print Screen button then the screenshot then the image will only saved to the clipboard.
But in other devices like iPhone or iPad you cannot find the print screen key, so how you can take screenshot from these devices. All of that being said, these devices are also specifically designed for use without other attachments. It’s for that reason that these users can capture screenshots with their device’s hardware buttons.
And the way you can see almost any kind of file right in the body of the email using the intensely beautiful OS X mail program. So you actually have to wait the eternity that it takes a orogram like Illustrator to open and view the file. It would make me scared of accidentally clicking a link that will launch a heavy program and I’d be waiting for it just to close it as soon as possible.

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