The landscape has been carved by wind and rain over thousands of years to create massive stone spires reaching to the sky.Meteora, Greece will take your breath away!Atop these magnificent monoliths are ancient monasteries dating back to the 9th century.
Back then, the hermit monks who first settled Meteora couldn’t walk up stairs or over bridges to access the monasteries. No, they had to reach theirA¬†secluded and safe retreat by scaling the walls with ropes and ladders reaching as high as 500 meters (1500 feet). Monks would hoist themselves up the towering rocks by putting a basket on a rope and hand cranking the person up to safety.
Enjoy Our Photography Guide to SantoriniThe gorgeous Monasteries of MeteoraToday, six monasteries remain and tourists can visit the magical region of Meteora which translates to “suspended in air. It won’t be long until travellers flock to see the stone forest in the centre of the country.
Many people simply take a day trip to view the monasteries, but four days is required to truly take in the awe-inspiring views, to hike through the monasteries and visit the chapels high in the sky.Morning light in Meteora, GreeceA UNESCO World Heritage Site, Meteora stands above other sites in Greece. It’s a surreal landscape housing the oldest known man-made structure on earth dating back 23,000 years ago.

Not only is it protected for its unique and fascinating culture, Meteora has also been designated a Natura 2000 Ecological Zone by the Greek Ministry of Environment. It houses rare species of birds and flowers that can be viewed when taking a hike through the natural wonder.Meteora is filled with fascinating Monasteries, visit another in Ireland at Skellig MichaelThe view from the Great Meteoran MonasteryOur tour of Meteora brought us through several monasteries like the Great Meteoron Monastery where we walked up the steep steps (you no longer need to be winched up by hand) and explored the peaceful and picturesque grounds. When standing on top of these magnificent rocks, one can understand why the monks chose this as their refuge.
It feels like a little slice of heaven.The heavens open up in Meteora, GreeceThere are six monasteries left in Meteora today and visitors can tour all of them if they choose.
A winding road connects the monasteries, but one of the most fascinating ways to tour Meteora is to hike through the landscape. There are some abandoned and ruined monasteries that you are not able to view from the road and there are different angles that cannot be caught from a tour bus. We love to inspired people to get out from the organized tours to explore, and Meteora is the place to do that.Love history? The tour buses from Athens have yet to arrive and you have uninterrupted views of this ancient landscape all to yourself.

Many of the rocks and cliffs are high, so be careful not to get so involved in the view that you fall off the ledge. The drops are vertical and deadly.Taking some time to enjoy the views of MeteoraThere are many other things to do in Meteora than just exploring the monasteries. James Bond went to Meteora in For Your Eyes Only and Game of Thrones used Meteora as its backdrop for the Eyrie castle in the sky.
Meteora was the inspiration for that setting and was digitally mastered into the series.Meteora was truly a magical destination that everyone should visit when traveling to Greece. We have witnessed similar landscapes in Yanghuo, China or even Krabi Thailand, but to have the monasteries perched above the stone pillars reaching to the sky is one of the most unique sights you will ever see.
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