Introduced Monday, 08 February 2010, the Canon T2i Digital Rebel is Canon's top Rebel camera. Canon's Auto Lighting Optimizer, which does magical things to enhance shadow detail and add contrast if needed. The T2i adds manual exposure control, a stereo mic input (but no mention of manual gain control). Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) compatibility which allows users to play back still or video files on a CEC-compliant HDTV, using the TV remote to control the camera when connected via HDMI interface.
Jump to first frame, previous frame, next frame, jump to last frame, cut out first or last, frame.

The Rebel T2i camera's LCD monitor can display a full-screen video image utilizing the entire screen. Live View, a built-in pop-up flash, and the EOS integrated cleaning system, as well as compatibility with Canon EX-series Speedlites and Canon EF and EF-S lenses allowing users to fully explore multiple creative photographic possibilities.
I loved the Canon Digital Rebel T1i, and expect that the T2i does everything just a little bit better. Buy whichever you need, and if you can't see any reason to pay more, even Canon's cheapest DSLRs are superb. The biggest help is to use these links to Adorama, Amazon, Calumet, Ritz and J&R when you get your goodies.

Heck, I was able to make spectacular images with astoundingly great colors on an 8MP Canon Rebel XT, which went obsolete in 2006.
Heck, my favorite digital camera is my Canon S90 point-and-shoot, from which I elicit excellent images.
These places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed.

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