Technology has improved so much today that, it is common to see high quality expensive digital cameras in one’s hands but the question is – do they really know how to take professional pictures?
I often see people taking out their cameras and zooming to get a clear focus of their subject. Experimenting with different clicks at various angles is the right way to get hold of creative snapshots. Portraiture can be one of the most satisfying forms of photography for an enthusiastic amateur. It’s worth experimenting with lighting your subject, as there are boundless possibilities. Adding a carefully chosen prop can both add insight to the subject and give the eye another point of interest within the image. Obscuring part of your subject’s face or body is another way to draw attention to or away from parts of your subject. Firing a number of shots at a time gives you either a series of images that work together or it can help you achieve one image that is natural. Two things… The idea of the backgrounds coming into and going out of focus in drastic lack of depth of field is interesting as an occasional technique. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers. Home - cleaning reason, Cleaning for a reason is a nonprofit organization that serves the united states and canada. 860-529-6865 professional pig roast catering services, 860-529-6865 this professional pig roast caterer is one of the few on site pig roast companies that use only fresh corn fed usda inspected pigs, catered for you in ct.
Winco foods, Welcome wincofoods., goal bring level quality service ’ digital world. If you have an N8, or have pre-ordered one, the one thing you probably want to take full advantage of is the camera, and how to snap that perfect photo.
Ari Partinen is a design engineer at Nokia who recently participated in this photo shoot for the Nokia N8, and has put together a great post over at NSeries blog on how to achieve professional photos on the N8, just like the sample below.
Ari said, For me this was a treat because I have worked with the device for the past two years, perfecting the image quality and field testing the device to its limits. For this reason, I was massively interested to see what we could achieve with a mobile device. For Ari’s complete guide, head across to the NSeries blog here where you will find some invaluable information, and stunning photo samples of the above photo from the N8.
With technology improving exponentially every day, more and more people are able to afford high quality cameras, but not many of them know how to take professional pictures. Athletes are fond of maxims such as, "It's not about the shoes" or "It's about more than the bike," meaning that buying a fancy pair of sneakers won't help you win the New York Marathon or investing in an expensive bike won't win you the Tour de France.
The Rule of Thirds--The rule of thirds is a way of looking at the frame you are using to compose your shot. Get Closer to Your Subject--When most people see an interesting shot, they stop, pull out their camera, maybe do a little zooming, and take the picture. Don't Just Stand There--Once you reach your subject, try something other than just standing there and taking the photo. The Magic Hour--Photographers have long worshipped the hour just after dawn and the hour just before sunset as magic hours.
Turn the Flash Off Inside--This might sound counterintuitive, but don't knock it until you've tried it. Some professional photographers snap their best work when they are just playing around with their cameras.

Posted on April 14, 2014 by Katie 2 Comments Leave a Comment TweetEmailThis post may or may not include affiliate links. Make sure you are doing the photos in a room that has lots of natural light coming through.
Take some goofy pictures, do multiple outfits and really make the photographed people laugh and be themselves. We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. Believe it or not, majority of them aren’t aware of the right ways of clicking pictures and if you happen to be one among them then this article is sure to help you. If you are well versed with the basic photography techniques, then every picture you click will become a masterpiece. The tips below can be of use whether you are using a digital compact, a DSLR camera, or a fully manual SLR. Similarly, use natural light where you can, and if you must use artificial lighting, use as little as possible.
One of the primary rules governing composition is the rule of thirds, which deals with where focal points, or points of interest, should be placed in a photograph.
Experiment by putting the eyes in the middle of the frame and then off centre to see for yourself. Having the subject return the gaze of the photographer can give a sense of connection for those viewing the image.
Playing around with the angle can give a completely different perspective, literally and metaphorically.
Silhouetting, back-lighting, and side-lighting can enhance the atmosphere you are trying to create by emphasizing or hiding your subject’s features.
Photographing a subject doing something they love or spending time with friends or family can result in a much more natural image, especially if you can lurk at a distance using a powerful zoom lens. A section of the face, the hands, or the feet can speak volumes about what has been left out.
This is useful when you are photographing somebody engaged in an activity or when you’re working with fidgety children. Another reason I was so stoked to join the photo shoot was that, prior to joining the Nokia camera team, I worked as a freelance photographer and I’m still involved heavily in photography. Things were especially interesting since the job description from the main man behind the shoot, Damian, was to deliver “professional” looking shots with no post processing allowed. Basically, you need to divide the frame equally along three horizontal lines and three vertical lines.
Switch to landscape mode, kneel down, climb a tree, stand on a bench, hold the camera over your head; do something to put the shot in a more unique perspective.
The best way to suck the life out of an interesting indoor shot it to wash out all the depth and detail with a powerful flash.
Use the aforementioned tips as a starting point and find your own magical techniques as you learn how to take professional pictures. If you have more tips and tricks for at home photography, please feel free to comment and I can add them to this list. Take some test shots before your subject arrives so that when they do turn up they won’t have to wait while you fiddle around. However, focusing on something else can give a sense of mystery and engages the viewers in speculating as to what they are looking at, and what it is that is intriguing them, amusing them, or surprising them.

I really dislike lifeless dark eye sockets ( an identifying feature of crappy amateur photography). Even though cameras continue to become more automated, there is still a body of knowledge that pros have and cameras don't. Think of it like music; you can have the fanciest production qualities on a record, but if the song is boring, no one will want to listen to it.
Instead of letting your camera fire the flash whenever it feels like it, try this: Set your camera to manual and turn off the flash.
All you have to do is upload a picture, edit it using the tools on the side and then save it to your computer. No matter how expensive instruments and technology you have used but if the song turns out to be boring, everything else fails. We The Team, Believe In Giving Right Information And Thus, Every Article Is Deeply Researched & Written By Quality Writers. An alternative is to have your subject looking at someone or something within the shot, which sets up a relationship or a story within the image and gives a second point of interest. Keep reading for some tried and true tips from professional photographers that will help you elevate the quality of your photos above the amateur level. If there's nothing to grab the viewers' eye when they look at a photo, they won't respond to it. If you place your subject or your point of interest at the intersection of these lines, or along them, your shot will be more visually appealing.
Cross the street, climb the hill, or see if you can hop the fence and walk right up to whatever it is. People look better, hillsides come alive, and buildings are cast in interesting shadows with exceptional lighting. The next time you are taking a photo of someone outside try this: Have them stand with their back to the sun. I thought she had them taken by a photographer but she informed me she had taken them in the comfort of her own home. The four corners of the middle square in the grid make better locations for your focal points than do points with the square itself. Many digital cameras have a setting that projects the rule of thirds grid onto the LCD screen to help you compose your shots. When you are closer to what you want to photograph, you will see the subject in more detail. Experiment by setting the aperture as low as it can go, which will let in the most amount of light. The shutter speed should be set slow enough to let in enough light, but not so slow that your shots will be completely blurry. Unless there is something eye grabbing in the snapshot, people will never find it interesting.
When you take the picture, the light from the sun will create a warm backdrop, but the flash will fill in the details of your subject's face.
Your shots might not always be in perfect focus, but you might like the happy "accidents" that result from not having the flash on. For this, you require dividing your frame along 3 horizontal lines & 3 vertical lines equally, leaving you with a grid, where you got to put your subject.

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