The thought that renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley puts into creating a basic headshot, isn’t very basic. One last essential piece of information the Hurley said during the seminar can be said of any style of photographer.
My advice is for this person to study the histories of photography both past and contemporary. I found a lot of what he said to be common sense for any professional photographer, but that is often overlooked, and put together in a very entertaining video. Also yes I agree that someone should proof their articles before publishing, I don’t know that we need to all be so bitchy and grumpy all the time about it though. I find any information very helpful, it may not always apply to what I want to achieve but I find it all very interesting. Hurley is a great sportsman, actor and very entertaining and the results of his business is fantastic so who can complain about anything he does.
I like the briljand soft light where the custumors need to take place, I like the white white white background so much and i did notice the results trying the people to look the best they can.
I found it useful and I have to say how many of the detractors are shooting with a Hasselblad. We are always looking for more interesting and insightful photography tips and techniques to share with our readers.

I find that with a lot of actors and models, they think way too much, and they think what they’re giving me is what I want.
As a former model turned professional photographer, Hurley knows what it’s like to be in front of the camera and behind it. Ansel wasn’t all that into portraits, but he knew how to use natual light in all his subjects. Hopefully that photographer will make you feel (and look) your best, but things can go awry. Usually I’ll tell them a snarky joke or a filthy joke, depending on their personality.
Louis Headshot Photographer specializing in business executive, business, model, actor head shots as well as senior portraits, family portraits and engagement sessions.
Your headshot should look like the best version of you, not a glamour shot that you could never reproduce without the intervention of a fairy godmother. There’s countless bits of information dispersed throughout that can help you progress as a photographer. If you’re not shooting against a solid color background, throw the background of focus so the eye is naturally drawn to the head. He recommends using a square setup for women and banking lights 2-4ft on either side when photographing men.

For anyone who has experience in portrait photography and attended the seminar should ask for a partial refund. In case that happens, here are a few tricks that Nina Robinson has up her sleeve that you can try using to save a session—and your shots.
I sometimes tell my subject to forget that I’m even there and have them sit how they normally would sit. This seems obvious, but ask a CD how many submissions they get without a single piece of contact info. Just because your friend took a photography class, does not mean they can take a decent headshot.
And usually that tends to work because they’re becoming aware of their facial expressions.
This helps them to relax and helps the photographer to capture the portrait, not the picture.

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