The EOS 100D is a fully-featured, responsive DSLR that is also small and light enough to take everywhere. Canon’s Scene Intelligent Auto technology analyses the scene and sets the most appropriate cameras settings automatically. Track and shoot fast moving subjects at 4 fps and take advantage of nine AF points to focus swiftly and accurately, even with off-centre subjects. Theme-based Scene modes automatically choose the right camera settings for the subject you’re shooting. Take advantage of the extensive range of lenses, accessories and flashes that make up the EOS System.
Explore the basics of DSLR photography and get to know your EOS 100D DSLR camera better with step-by-step exercises and hands-on tutorials to give you the desire to find new subjects, as well as new ways to photograph them.

Understand the basics of photography, and discover how changing lenses can make a difference to your pictures. The 18-megapixel EOS 100D delivers superb photos and video and features an optical viewfinder and intuitive touch-screen controls. And as your photography develops a built-in Feature Guide will teach you how to get the most from the camera.
Take control of exposure, focusing, sound and more, or use the Video Snapshot mode to capture edited movie sequences in-camera. Shoot 18-megapixel photos and Full HD movies everywhere you go and enjoy great performance even in poor light: a maximum ISO sensitivity of 12800 (extendable to ISO 25600) allows you to shoot images that are low in noise but full of atmosphere. Hybrid CMOS AF II provides continuous focusing while shooting, ideal for keeping moving subjects sharp.

Choose from Grainy Black & White, Toy Camera, Miniature Effect and more, and preview the effect of each filter before you shoot. And when you’re ready, progress to Creative Auto mode for more control over factors like background blur, via an intuitive interface.

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