In which I draw myself every day and post it to this blog, along with selections from 30+ years of self-portraits. Scroll up and click on the links to the right to see more of The Daily Portrait Project and Julia Kay's other work.
My subject matter ranges from portraits of people and animals to almost abstract paintings of plant forms and light.

I paint in oil, acrylics, & watercolors, with oil paintsticks and watercolor markers, and with digital media such as pressure-sensitive tablet and Studio Artist software. I draw with anything I can get my hands on - sticks on wet sand and fingers on frosted windows, chunks of wood freshly burnt into charcoal and children's toys such as etch-a-sketch and magna-doodle. I also take landscape, figure, animal and street photographs, have played with printmaking (mostly monoprints) and have dabbled with sculpture in steel, wood, clay and neon.

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How to take sports photos with nikon d3000

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