The sunlight was very harsh, making the sign so dark it was almost unreadable with the sun behind it. Other than this, the image shown is exactly how the camera focused with it’s 39 focal points and 2,016 pixel RGB 3D Matrix Metering System. In the center of the street was a large crew of camera’s and people gathering around a stage.

The filming of some cooking show was going on and I quickly noticed Jamie Lee Curtis on the other side. She was surrounded by people, and I had a Nikon 18-70mm 3.5 attached to my D7000, so the wider angle made the 39 focal points on the D7000 go crazy with the people in the foreground and background.
Because I had it on Continuous Focusing mode, every minor movement of my hand or people made the D7000 constantly refocus.There are several ways to correct this, for me I quickly pressed the AF button with my left hand and turning the knob with my right hand to change from 39 to 9 focal points.

Sure I could have done this by selecting one of the points with my right hand to focus on her, but for me I still like it the old way.Crop of larger imageBy making this quick change I was able to get her in focus and shoot through the people in the foreground.

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