On a recent trip with my wife to Atlantis in the Bahamas, we encountered some interesting characters swimming in the large main pool. Meanwhile, in another section of the pool, there was an Eastern European man in a Speedo holding what appeared to be a GoPro camera attached to the end of a foot-long stick. For a moment, I wanted this selfie video stick, but in that same moment, a small piece of my soul shook its head disapprovingly and died in shame. This is an international crisis, and we need to band together and correct this societal fault. These images are not physical objects – they exist in the ether, in the great cyberspace. There was a moment last week when Facebook was down for a few minutes where I turned to our social media manager Sara Johnson and said, “What if this is it?
Which brings us back to the dude with the GoPro on a stick, swimming slowly in a shallow pool, recording a video of himself staring at a small camera that no one will want to watch, which will go on to garner a few scattered sympathy likes, at most.
I kissed a dolphin last weekend on that trip to Atlantis, and no one will ever see a picture of it. GoPro came out with 3 new cameras that are great for those on the list who are into capturing their sports, and adventures.

QuikCapture¬†Allows you to turn the camera on and begin recording with the push of a single button. Enables use at depths of up to 131′, so you can capture your underwater adventures in stunning high-definition. Our old pal Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions has created an excellent video that walks you through the steps for using a GoPro to take great fish photos. This entry was posted in Fly Fishing and tagged fly-fishing photos, fly-fishing videos, how to fly fishing, tuesday tips on May 12, 2015 by Phil Monahan. I little treatment of Rain-X to the GoPro lens housing every few outings will also help repel those water drops. There was the woman and her significant other, wading slowly in the shallow end with while holding an iPhone.
They live in 140 characters and are gone for good, begging for barely friends and coworkers to give a thumbs up or heart of approval, then are deleted or forgotten.
It’s likely that the rise in selfie culture can be traced to the rise in social sharing opportunities. It might have gotten you prompted to start checking your list of giftees and what you can possibly get for them.

He discusses everything from how to set up the camera, where to mount it, and how to adjust it it to take kinds of shots during the catch-and-release sequence. But it became quickly clear that some other social media platform would take its place and the selfie-ing would commence unabated.
A likely disciple of Kim Kardashian’s forthcoming literary work, she spent the next 20 minutes – 20 minutes! I am always checking out the latest tech out there and here’s a gift (or 3) that can be a fit for many people on your list (or heck even yourself).
The man’s selife pole and GoPro camera were waterproof, so as he swam around underwater he held the pole out for minutes at a time and just stared at it, occasionally waving into the emptiness.
You can find her playing with her many gadgets, pets or enjoying the many sites New York City has to offer.

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