Hi Katherine, it would be just fine – try to shoot around 35mm and back up to get everyone in the frame or go slightly wider if you need to. Tony Reale from Creative Edge Productions shows you how to use your laptop as an on-set monitor using the Canon EOS Utility software.
Taking photographs is not just a hobby but it has become a need for us to preserve the special moments of our lives. Hold your Canon Powershot S3 in your both hands firmly and aim it at the object you want to take a photograph of.
Slightly press the shutter button and the camera will automatically focus the object in front of it. Press the shutter button fully down and its sound will tell you that the photograph has been taken. The taken image will be displayed on the LCD screen and you can see it for a while before the camera automatically prepares itself to take the next shot. Once you have taken the photographs, you need to store them on your computer hard disk so you can free the space from the camera’s memory card to take more pictures.

Your computer will automatically detect the presence of an external memory device and you can easily copy all the photographs from your camera to it. I’m sure I would have figured this out but it would have taken much longer than the 10 seconds that it took with this little guide.
Just to echo the first sentiment; thank you for the information in such a straight-forward context! The reason for this is so that only exposure time changes for each of the bracketed exposures.
The Rebel should be able to be set up to offset the 3 bracketed exposures so that you get a total of 5 different exposures.
I have the Canon EOS 50D I was wondering what are the best settings to use for HDR photography?
Open up the battery compartment on the right side of the camera and insert four AA batteries correctly aligned in it. This focusing will be clearly visible on the LCD screen and a green light will appear to indicate that the camera is ready to take the photograph of the focused object.

This brief video tutorial from the folks at Butterscotch will teach you everything you need to know.
Select this setting and use the right directional button to widen the bracketing to the widest setting. However, cell cameras are not compared to the quality of photos taken by a Canon Powershot S3 digital camera. Canon has made a mark in digital camera manufacturing industry and its products are a treat to use. Powershot S3 is an advanced compact digital camera with so many cool features that you will love to experience.

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