Canon 5D Mark III Experience by Douglas Klostermann –  Already very many people take advantage of all the goods on hand to serve as a media entertainer. Well Written, Detailed enough to answer questions that were not well covered in the manual, and full of helpful suggestions about camera setup and use.
Canon 5D Mark III Experience goes beyond the manual to help you understand the features, settings, and controls of this sophisticated and highly customizable camera – plus most importantly how, when and whyto use these functions and settings in your photography. Do not be bored to keep reading the book, then read on and use as an entertainer himself fill your free time with positive activities one of which is reading. Take a look at those pictures published on Apertureacademy's blog today - they were recently taken in Kenya and show a new Canon DSLR camera body (5D Mark III?) plus two new lens prototypes: 200-400mm and 600mm. Looks more like a 7D mk II to me, its 3 years now which is getting on for an aps c prosumer. Interesting, is that a 16:9 rear screen ?…Looks like the 5D Mark III to me, but what do I know, I use Nikons lol ? Anyone notice that the 200-400mm seems to have a 1.4x TC incorporated into the lens, selectable via a switch? If you look at the top LCD on image 5, you see a card selection icon, which suggests that the camera has dual card slots. The design of cameras from the same brand is evolving during time and in parts shared between all SLR models. 3) A photographer officially testing the latest fullframe professional tele-lenses would more likely do that with the latest high MP fullframe body.
I suppose that is in Canon’s effort to further distance their pro and prosumer bodies. Well, Canon is just too stubborn to embrace the BEST switch location, which is where Nikon (and a number of others) have put it. But then again, I have to use two hands to change my ISO on a Nikon, but NOT when I shoot Canon. The enlarged viewfinder can be explained by A) There’s new tech added to the viewfinder, perhaps some sort of electronic overlay, a hybrid, perhaps?

It looks like Aquatech is not the only one busy making underwater housings for the Canon 5D Mark III as Nauticam recently announced the new NA-5DMKIII.
As the international leader in innovative underwater camera housing technology, Nauticam is pleased to announce support for the 22mp Canon 5D Mark III.
The NA-5DMKIII can take your 5D Mark III up to the depths of 100 meters and only weighs 2.8 kilograms. If you can spare $3,600 on June 1st, you can grab the Nauticam NA-5DMKIII for your next underwater photography gig. Follow Canon Watch: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, RSS, 500px, or subscribe to our daily newsletter. Please check your spam folder if you don't get the confirmation mail, and mark the mail as "non-spam" to see future newsletters. Nikon D750 and Canon 5D Mark III specification comparison review, the Canon 5D Mark III is approx a 2 year old camera and Nikon D750 is few weeks old..
Nikon is giving you bit more resolution, but I am amazed that Nikon  took 2+ years to develop a 5D mark III rival and still the AF system of the recently announced Nikon D750 is inferior to 5D Mark III.
Nikon D750 ->  51 distinct points available, you get options to use 9, 21, or all 51 points depending on the situation.
The ISO range of Nikon D750 is also limited to 51200 only on the other hand the 5D Mark III ISO range touches 102400 mark, hence no doubt that the 5D Mark III will perform better in low light condition when compared to Nikon D750. The number of autofocus points has little bearing on focus accuracy — both cameras perform well. The accuracy of autofocus of the D750 is Certainly not behind the one of the 5Dmkiii, get documented or test it! Regarding iso quality: if you shoot JPG, I find indeed that Canon has best quality at high iso. KEEP THIS BLOG ALIVE - Support New Camera Buy Canon Lenses, Buy Music CD or Digital Camera at amazon it helps this site, and you do not pay anything extra, it is just a way to help support this site. New Camera Website, we list all type of new camera information, price review and all type camera rumors, subscribe us or follow us via twitter or facebook.

Disclaimer: We have attempted to select useful information to include on New Camera, and to ensure that the resources we have included on the site -- as well as the way we have described them -- are accurate, fair, and balanced. One of them is the camera, many people have a camera for educational purposes or as play alone. Learn the AF Modes, AF Area Modes, and AF Configuration Presets and how and when to take advantage of them. I was planning to buy one of the (other 5D Mk III) books when they came out, but I don’t intend to now.
Several years with the D300 got me used to the menu-based commander system, and I liked it a lot better than using the weird way the SB-900 operates. 5DII and 7D are very similar models with the main difference one is using a fullframe sensor the other a DX-sensor, just like Nikon D300 and D700. Therefore it is likely the new model will share a lot of similarities with other quite new cameras rather than look exactly the same as its predecessor. The NA-5DMKIII housing builds on Nauticam’s solid reputation for ergonomic functions, extensive control options and ease of operation while upholding the robust quality standards that have become a hallmark of the Nauticam brand.
The cool thing: you can take your 5D Mark III down to 150 meters (490 feet) under the water. I love to bring you all the latest news about everything that's related to Canon, and to photography.
If you shoot raw Nikon has a better grain at all settings but Canon may manage better color from 12800 and up. Disclosure: PR is sponsored by companies and affiliate partners that display various advertising banners and links (see our Privacy Policy). If you like what I am doing here, then consider buying your gear by clicking my affiliate links.

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