As a stargazer, you’ve enjoyed many perfect moments under the night sky.  Moments when you glimpsed deep into the exquisite beauty of the universe on a crisp, clear night. Perhaps it was a moment near twilight, when the crescent moon hovered over the Pleiades, with Mars and Saturn nearby. And thanks to a new guide from a world-famous astrophotographer, taking your own images of the deep sky is easier than you ever imagined. Jerry is one of the most accomplished astrophotographers and photography teachers of the past 20 years. He literally wrote the book on taking pictures of the night sky with digital cameras.  His first work, A Guide to Astrophotography with Digital SLR Cameras, was a multi-media guide to taking pro-level astrophotos with off-the-shelf digital cameras. And it gained Jerry a wide following among stargazers all over the world for his clear and precise explanations of how to take stunning photographs of the night sky. Once you get a taste of what you can do with just a camera and tripod, you won’t be able to wait to try your skill with your camera through a telescope.

But which telescope?  What kind of mount do you need?  And what other accessories do you need to capture faint images and fine detail with your DSLR? A Beginner’s Guide to DSLR Astrophotography takes the guesswork and complexity out of basic astrophotography, and takes what was once a difficult and expensive hobby and makes it easy and fun. A Beginner’s Guide to DSLR Astrophotography overcomes the limitations of a traditional paper book. You can also copy the entire book to your hard drive so the pages and images will load quicker. These postings are mine alone, have not been reviewed or approved by Sony Online Entertainment ("SOE"), and do not necessarily express the views of SOE.
These (non-tiling) textures are free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.
Because in in the last few years, even off-the-shelf digital SLR cameras (or DSLR’s) can give you the power to take beautiful photos of the night sky.

That’s because it’s in a digital format, shipped to you on a CD-ROM.  The files are in HTML, just like a web page, so you can view it on your computer in any web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. But if you need a quick way to do this, the CF and SD card readers should be more suitable for you.
As we can see from the images, no matter the CF card reader or the SD card reader, in addition to the memory card slot, each card reader also comes with a USB port in order that you can directly connect your DSLR camera with iPad or iPad 2 via the card reader, you even can insert a USB flash drive holding your photos into the card reader.
Once your iPad detects the photos from the external card reader, the photo app will automatically open, letting you upload files in one step.

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