To take advantage of the Apple Watch underwater capabilities, some London-based developers have created a swimming app for Apple’s smartwatch. The developers had created a similar app for the original Pebble that was able to accurately monitor its wearer’s swimming session using only the accelerometer. According to the developers, the improvements in HealthKit have also played a major role in making such an app possible for the Apple Watch.
Now, for the bad news: While impressive, the developers cannot release their app on the App Store. Are you disappointed that Apple’s App Store guidelines are preventing such a unique app from making its way to all Apple Watch users out there?
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By tracking the heart beat of its wearer, the Apple Watch would be better able to estimate the calories that will be burned by them during a swimming session. There is only one drawback: once the Apple Watch screen turns off, it suspends any background processing of data to save battery life.
The Apple Watch is unique in this department, since no other consumer device is able to track the heartbeat of its wearer while swimming. Due to this, there is a slight delay before the Apple Watch displays the updated health data after a swimming session. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

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